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So houses can be built smarter, more durable and cheaper

Published: December 13, 2022, 10:00 a.m. Updated: December 15, 2022, 10:54 a.m.The company group Dalahus, Dala Massivträ and Ribbelement work together for more advanced and durable but at the same time cheaper solutions in the construction of wooden houses. Together, the companies are at the forefront of technical development. – We are a One-Stop-Shop for wooden frames and are good at the entire supply chain , says Mattias Brännström at Dala Massivträ. The company group can deliver a customized cost-, function- and climate-optimized assembled frame for most types of house projects. – We can be involved in building properties with 180 apartments, a nursing home or a prison. We can deliver both building components but also entire assembled houses, explains Sten-Erik Malmqvist at Dalahus. If you get involved early in a building project, preferably already at the planning stage, you can deliver a solution that greatly lowers the cost while at the same time improving the quality and quantity of raw materials that is needed becomes less. It reduces the frame’s climate impact.Cross-glued wood creates better and cheaper solutionsWe work a lot with frames made of cross-glued wood, LVL and glulam, which we deliver to customers such as construction contractors and property owners. The material can replace both concrete and steel. – The cross-linked adhesive is actually an extremely strong material. If you want to build an eight-storey wooden house, all eight floors do not need to be built with cross-glued material. For the walls, we can instead use prefabricated elements with a frame frame. Then we get a delivery that is resource-optimized, says Sten-Erik Malmqvist. Dala Massivträ and Dalahus jointly own Ribbelement, which manufactures precisely Ribbelement and block-glued products. It can be used as a wall or as a joist, floor or roof. – The rib elements are resource efficient. The elements can be used where long spans are desired, if you want large open areas without columns under joists. We want to use as few raw materials as possible to achieve the desired function. It is best for the planet, says Mattias Brännström.Works with leading companiesThey are also good at adapting the delivery to the customer’s needs, from individual components to a tight frame. – Together, we can complete the load-bearing frame with various products, insulation and surface layers. We are flexible and can often solve deliveries with challenging schedules, explains Mattias Brännström. The corporate group today works closely with some of the market’s largest players, both entrepreneurs and producers. But since you yourself are disconnected from mass production, you are free to optimize according to the customer’s needs. – If there are many degrees of freedom in the project, we are happy to use it through partnering, says Mattias Brännström and concludes: – Finally there is a supplier who can stand for the whole in a wooden project! Read more at: The article is produced by Brand Studio in collaboration with Dala Massivträ AB and not an article by Dagens industri

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