Deciphering the Metaverse of MANA Decentraland


Technology has developed at such a rapid pace that it is difficult to keep up with all the innovations in the digital world. One of his most controversial creations has been cryptocurrencies and the new term made popular by Mark Zuckerberg: the Metaverse.

All these terms of the virtual world are part of a new dialect that people are learning, especially those who seek to benefit from it. It is true that it is not necessary to understand everything that makes up these new investment opportunitiesbut without a doubt what we know is that they are ways of earning income for Latinos.

The best example of this is a project that has given much to talk about lately: Mana Decentraland. This is a virtual reality platform that has its own cryptocurrency called MANA, which can be used within the platform or purchased as an investment asset. In this article we talk about how to invest in MANA and if this is a profitable alternative.

What is the Metaverse?

The Metaverse is a term that many were hearing for the first time last year, when Facebook decided to change its name to Meta. For several people, the objectives of the company were somewhat “unrealistic” for wanting create a 100% virtual worldwhile others celebrated the technological advance proposed by Facebook.

Although this term seems new, there are companies that have been in this industry for years, such as Decentraland. This company was created in 2015, that is, it has more than 7 years of experience creating digital worlds where people can have a good time.

Decentraland is a virtual reality project developed in 3D so that your players live a real and digital experience. This world is built on blockchain technology, therefore it is decentralized. It is its users who modify the universe and make decisions together.

Like planet earth, Decentraland has parcels of land that are divided into smaller spaces. These spaces can be purchased by users or companies from any country without restrictions. once purchased a space with Mana Decentralandthe buyer can make changes to the appearance of the place and even sell it at a higher price.

Those who enter this Metaverse can freely walk around the site and come across this virtual plot or space. There they can play video games, interact, buy products or learn about a new business, everything depends on the content created by its owner or the company.

Since countries have currencies, each Metaverse has developed a virtual currency for purchases or acquisitions. Mana Decentraland is the currency of this universe, with which spaces or plots are purchased and used to access virtual events, acquire artifacts or play in virtual casinos

Decentraland Key Points

In order to understand what Decentraland is as entertainment, but also as a form of investment, we expose some key points. These are a reference of what the project is and its projection in the future:

Decentraland is a virtual reality world that everyone around the world can enter as a player or plot owner. Metaverse is decentralized and governed by the same players. In other words, it is a virtual environment with its own economy managed by users. Decentraland Mana is the base cryptocurrency of the universe with which monetary transactions are made. It works within the Ethereum network. Users have the possibility to buy parcels of land in different locations of the Metaverse. These vary in price according to their size and location. The owners of the plots are free to build game experiences on them, rent, publish advertisements or sell the plot at a higher price. The Metaverse is recognized for programming various virtual events, for example, the Metaverse Fashion Week (MVFW) on first digital fashion show with the participation of well-known brands in the industry. The Mana cryptocurrency has a commercial value in the market where it is listed as an asset and can be used for investment terms. The price of Mana Decentraland in the crypto market depends on the popularity of the platform.

Considering the above, the Metaverse is known to be a place to have a good time and have fun, but why not do it while generating extra income?

With Mana Decentraland there are two ways to generate income: the first is to buy plots from the Metaverse and sell them at a higher price. The second is operate the Mana Token in the financial asset market.

The Mana cryptocurrency has an approximate value of 2.70 USD per unit, a price that varies every day. An initial investment can be the purchase of X units of this currency hoping that they will appreciate in the future. Another alternative is trade currency via CFDs, that is, operate its price in the market with the help of online brokers. These ways of investing deserve to be studied on websites specialized in online trading.

the future metaverse

It is not possible to know how the subject of the internet or the Metaverse will evolve, since the future cannot be predicted. However, it is a reality that since Facebook changed its name to Meta companies that have been dedicated to virtual reality for years are emerging and new ones are being created.

With the boom of the Metaverse many industries have wanted to participate in this trend in its early stage. An example of Mana Decentraland was the announcement of the nation of Barbados in November 2021, which wanted set up a virtual embassy in your Metaverse. Opinions about Mana cryptocurrency agree that this initiative will be very beneficial for investors.

Parallel to this example is another Metaverse platform called Sandbox. Sandbox became even more popular when the Adidas brand announced on its Twitter that it was going to build a virtual world called the “adiVerse” for all of its customers. These examples are proof that investing in Metaverses is a winning ticket.

The potential of the MANA token

Mana Decentraland as an investment carries a risk for being a relatively new topic, even so, it has a great potential for investors because it is in its early stages. This indicates that nobody knows what its ceiling will be or if the price of the coin may fall. For this reason, it is recommended to find out first in specialized stores before making an investment.

Here are some data on the price evolution of Decentraland Mana:

The Mana cryptocurrency has been on the market for a few months where it entered with a price of less than one dollar and is currently worth around 3 USD per unit. At its highest rise Mana reached 5 USD per unit in the month of November 2021. The variations in its price depend on its demand and popularity, the more people know about its Metaverse, the more it is valued.

It is possible to invest in Decentraland Mana for CFDs operating its price in purchase or sale. In these operations you do not have the digital currency, but you can earn returns by guessing the direction of the price. CFDs are a low-cost method done through online brokers.

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