Decentraland, the metaverse in which poker represents more than 30% of users


Not even five years have passed since the first blocks of virtual land were put up for sale in 2017 in Decentraland, one of the metaverses that proposes the best scenarios when it comes to entertainment, business and social relations. It was in 2021 when the rise of this parallel reality began to leave the first signs of growth in such an environment. The most notable examples were the digital recreation of the Sotheby’s auction house to create a space for buying and selling NFT art and the celebration of a music festival in which artists such as Deadmau5 or AlunaGeorge, among others, took part.

Since then, the popularity of Decentraland has not stopped growing, translating this into a greater number of available environments and users who have found on this platform an alternative way of life to the physical world that surrounds us. Among its great attractions, leisure is undoubtedly the main stimulus that leads people to access this metaverse, and the options offered by its virtual reality simulations are unlimited. According to data provided by Decentral Games, the company in charge of creating the first online casino in this space, poker has become one of the most successful activities proposed by Decentraland.

The numbers are clear in this regard: in its game rooms, called ICE Poker, more than six thousand online players meet daily, sometimes reaching almost a thousand of these same users simultaneously. This is a figure whose flow of benefits exceeds on average two million dollars. The demand is so high that there are not always places available, and the fact is that the volume of players of the French deck that meets here represents thirty percent of the total number of people that are part of Decentraland. It is evident that the game has found a new channel in which to become strong.

It is not surprising that poker has entered the metaverse through the front door. After spending years consolidated in a multitude of casinos that operate on the Internet, his natural step could not be other than to settle on the next level, in virtual reality. Its progression, which has been unstoppable, also has the incentive that the new digital environments can work based on cryptocurrencies, thus promoting the perfect combination between leisure and investment. If everything goes according to plan, the new online poker rooms in Spain will have to join this trend so as not to be left behind in technological terms and to be able to meet the demand of the players.

The components that structure the new poker rooms, beyond advanced graphics engines, hyper-realistic appearances, are above all the interaction, the atmosphere of closeness that is generated and the role played by NFTs. It is precisely the latter that allow the player to configure his avatar in a personalized way with accessories of all kinds, from clothing to physical complexion. The objective is none other than to transfer to the virtual plane each of the characteristics that make up users in the physical world. From there, one of the causes that explains the splendor of poker in the metaverse is undoubtedly the fact that players can face each other through their avatars during games. This virtual concept is responsible for ensuring that the sensations are very similar to those experienced in a real poker room, whether in the form of adrenaline, proximity or competition.

Finally, it only remains to mention the way of playing proposed by ICE Poker. The process does not pose any difficulties: depending on the value of the NFTs that each player accumulates, this will be the volume of tokens that they will receive daily to face the challenge of each game. In addition to this, the so-called reward multiplier takes on special importance, which can be enjoyed as you advance in the leaderboard. The sessions that take place every night at Decentraland are previously announced on social networks, thus proposing an entire organization system that says a lot about the seriousness of the site. The foundations of what will be the most immediate future around poker and online casinos are on the table. The panorama invites optimism.

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