Damberg promises to put an end to the support packages

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This does not always happen, but in the post of Minister of Finance, one of the most pre-tipped names was Magdalena Andersson’s successor: Stockholms-sossen, the right-wing candidate, the former Minister of the Interior and Trade Mikael Damberg, who was one of the key players when the January agreement with the Liberals and the Center was defeated. If Magdalena Andersson gets a chance to form a government, he can count on a difficult job on a, to say the least, scattered government base.If you have to choose between Nooshi Dadgostar and Annie Lööf – who do you choose?
“Now I will not create a bad mood but get through my proposals, so I will get through them first,” says Mikael Damberg with a laugh. First, he will ship this spring’s budget through the Riksdag – and the promise to Di’s readers is that it will be tight. “My starting point is that the spring change budget should be like a spring change budget: It is inevitability or something we have signaled in other areas of economic policy,” says Mikael Damberg. During the first two years of the pandemic, the government came forward with rescue packages of almost SEK 400 billion – or SEK 40,000 per inhabitant – and several of the corona subsidies have been extended during the spring. The answers to the rushing energy and fuel prices during the geopolitical escalation have been on the same theme: To homeowners after the starburst from winter electricity bills and to agriculture after the rampant diesel prices. In terms of the last two packages, he predicts that both will win through the Riksdag. But now Mikael Damberg has reached the bottom of the parcel basket. “I think that even the voters understand that you can not promise support packages to the right and left without knowing the Swedish economy in the long term. So now it’s more normality, proper budget balances “, he says. “I do not think it is time to make further proposals for unfunded expenditure and tax cuts without knowing how to pay,” he added. Is there a need for a handshake with M not to compensate for price increases, for a more normal budget process?
“We will see how the Moderates choose to act. I am not sure that the voters will reward parties that do not take responsibility for the Swedish economy “, says Mikael Damberg who expects to reach the surplus target next year. It is not a safe seat for the recent finance minister, when an escalating security policy conflict with its epicenter in Eastern Europe soon replaces two years of global pandemic and inflation is at historically high levels. The senior economist Klas Eklund even takes the s-word in his mouth, stagflation, when he is asked to produce his blackest crayons. But, when it comes to the very serious security situation in Ukraine, Mikael Damberg does not want to speculate. “We have economic muscle. to go in with support measures if the worst happens, but I hope and believe that it will not happen. But, we are prepared for a worst-case scenario, “he says. At the same time, high inflation is intimately linked to the conflict between energy giant Russia and Europe’s granary Ukraine. Can’t it get significantly worse?
“Then it’s more about the Russian economy. Many countries are dependent on imports of Russian oil and gas. But we are not there right now “, he says. That the high fuel prices have been further diluted by an increased mix of biofuels within the so-called reduction obligation arouses hot feelings – also in our own business.

Do you not have to slow down to get the population involved in climate change?
“Things are in the pipeline,” says Damberg, pointing to a more generous travel deduction but also the M-KD-SD budget’s reduced fuel tax. Which do you like nowadays?
“Which we will vote for. This leads to a petrol tax reduction of 50 öre at the pump “, says Mikael Damberg. The Social Democrats’ message before the election comes in the election manifesto, including information about economic policy. Damberg promises that there will be no ceiling on ISK savings or a reintroduced property tax on the election posters, but capital taxes may be higher. “It is reasonable that people with the absolute highest incomes can participate and contribute to welfare,” says Mikael Damberg, who believes that Swedish capital taxes are internationally low. According to tax economist Åsa Hansson, the question of whether Swedish capital taxes are low or high in an international comparison has no easy answer, it depends on who you look at, but she points out that higher capital taxes result in reduced investment volume, which means that they hardly increase tax revenues. Mikael Damberg admits that the international environment is a real limitation.
“Capital moves across borders and that makes this an international issue,” he says. The January collaboration’s promised tax reform never materialized, but with Mikael Damberg the idea lives on.
“We believe it is important to carry out a broader tax review,” he says.

Mikael Damberg om ..

..it was the debate that made S turn over the ceiling on ISK savings: “We have never been looking for ordinary families to save because ISK is a very smart form of saving. It makes it a lot easier, ”he says. ..he can imagine saving SAS again: “I will not comment on companies in the government portfolio.” ..the party’s plan in the pension group: “We are very committed to the pension group addressing a number of long-term issues. The most important thing is to increase payments and raise the issue of gas in the pension system. ” Linda Öhrn

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