Cyber ​​attacks are increasing – how to protect your business


Published: March 14, 2023, 1:43 p.mIT attacks, fraud and extortion. Here is the expert’s best advice on how to protect your company online. – Dare to plan for the worst and practice such a scenario. Then you also gain knowledge of how to secure sensitive data, says Thomas Falk, CEO of the cloud-based business system Xledger.Get everything in one system – that’s how Xledger works The increased digitization of society does not only mean new opportunities. New threats, especially in the current uncertain times, are towering over Swedish companies and organizations. As recently as last year, a Swedish grocery chain was forced to close for seven days after a ransomware attack against the checkout system. In such an attack, the system is “kidnapped” and the criminals demand money in order to leave the company in peace. – Slightly simplified, there are two types of threats. Partly amateurs who just want to mess around and fuck, partly those who want to make money from their crime. The first category is good at filtering out antiviruses and firewalls, while the second category actively works to find gaps in your business, says Thomas Falk.According to him, have cyber threats against Swedish companies increased last year: – We probably have a couple of hundred attacks a day against Xledger, most of them coming from the east. 99 out of 100 are clumsy attempts, but there are also sophisticated attacks where state-funded actors and crime syndicates have quite large resources and skills. At the same time as the digital threat picture is increasing, security issues have taken an increasing place among company management – but also with Xledger as a supplier, Thomas believes: – There is definitely more discussion. When we are going to implement our system at a company, for example, we have ten tabs with 50 questions in each, where one deals with security. Two or three years ago, that tab contained maybe five or ten questions. We push to shed light on security and larger customers bring those questions earlier in the process than before.Thomas also points out that Xledger likes to highlight the company’s security work: – Our customers’ financial data is with us, so we also have to put a lot of focus on protecting it. You have to think about how to build the system, how to look at access, how to remove vulnerabilities. We are happy to describe what our security looks like, with everything from hardware, processes and software.Unlike most other business systems, Xledger is completely cloud-based. No software needs to be installed, no IT department needs to manage updates – everything is taken care of by Xledger. – Since you always work in the latest version, a common threat disappears, where the criminals find entrances via devices that are not updated. We can also quickly add new functionality if it is required to increase security, says Thomas Falk and continues: – The system has a strong role-based functionality, it is only very high up in the hierarchy that you have the right to do certain things. It also provides traceability, you can see exactly who is doing what in the event of an accident. We work that way ourselves, in some cases only I can approve access for others.You also lean strongly against the independent certifications IS0 27001 and ISAE3402 for the highest requirements for data security. – It’s a bit like when a pilot shows his flight license and all the hours he’s flown for the world’s largest company, you don’t have to prove yourself anymore. He advises all companies to take data security seriously – and dare to get help: – The threat is constant 365 days a year, you must not be naive. If you don’t want to handle the questions yourself, collaborate with someone who can do this. Get insights into your entire business – in real time

Secure the company – Thomas Falk’s best advice

Question– Establish a policy at the company where you are allowed to have a critical eye. Can I open this email from a recipient I don’t recognize? Does this person exist? Create internal routines when in doubt. A function of our system is heartbeat, where you can see changes in traffic volume and type. If there is something that deviates from the normal, it immediately sounds the alarm.Take it easy– Fraudsters know that a stressed person makes worse decisions and try to take advantage of that by stressing the task they want you to perform. But when there are big questions, it doesn’t have to happen quickly, but is anchored in several layers.Take help– Outsource as much as possible regarding security to those who work with the issues on a daily basis. They are experts, and it’s probably more affordable for you in the long run to not have to deal with these pieces yourself.Makes it more difficult– With two-factor authentication, security has come a long way. It makes it very difficult for anyone who tries to use someone else’s information. Regular password checking is also important. Both functions are available with us.The worst can happen– Have the attitude that an attack will happen, not if it will happen. This means that the work with backups and other crucial functions and processes is already there on the day you are scheduled.

This is Xledger

– Founded in 1996 in Norway, which still owns the entire company. Has a presence in five countries: Norway, Sweden, Finland, Great Britain and the USA. It has just over 10,000 customers with over 100,000 users with operations in more than 60 countries. – Xledger is a 100% cloud-based business system that offers a comprehensive solution in, for example, accounting, reporting, budgeting and analysis. subsystems within Xledger are fully integrated with each other. – The foundations of the system are automation of financial processes via AI, insight in real time via Business Intelligence tools and scalability with the possibility of growth without new costs. – Thanks to the cloud solution, the cost of the system is significantly lower than for traditional systems with equivalent functionality. – Because the system is true cloud, all users work globally in the same version. Free updates take place automatically several times a year.- Xledger users always have access to the business’s key figures in real time, regardless of where in the world they are.- All data in Xledger is protected by the security certification IS0 27001, which meets the market’s highest requirements for data security. Xledger also meets ISAE3402 standard. In addition, support for, for example, defined user roles, two-factor authentication and password checking is included. The article is produced by Brand Studio in collaboration with Xledger and not an article by Dagens industri

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