Cryptocurrency market cap approaches $2 trillion – Market Summary

Charlie Taylor

The market capitalization of cryptocurrency is close to $2 trillion for the first time since May, as many altcoins decided to rise sharply. Bitcoin stability has enabled a strong altcoin rally since yesterday. After briefly dropping to $45,000, bitcoin recovered and won another $1,000 on Tuesday (11). $2 trillion in market cap Source:

Bitcoin seems too quiet

Bitcoin hit a price of $46,800 yesterday, which became the highest price line in more than two months, but quickly retreated at the end of voting on the US infrastructure project. This project will impose a tax on agents in the crypto market, whether they are brokers, developers, stakers or miners, with the aim of collecting US$ 28 billion from this sector. The neglect in the corridors of the Senate did not stop the bulls from regaining control immediately and pushed the price of bitcoin north again. Right now, the cryptocurrency leader is trading at $46,076, according to CoinGoLive. Its market capitalization has increased to $866 billion, but dominance has dropped to 43.82% as altcoins also soar.

Altcoins go up strong

We can start by commenting on the second largest cryptocurrency on the market. Ethereum was up 27.7% in a week after it started up the London Hard Fork. During the last 24 hours, ETH exceeded US$ 3,200. Earnings in 24 hours were as follows: Ethereum (+2.35%), Binance Coin (+8.09%), Cardano (+18.98%) , Ripple (+9.18%), Dogecoin (+4.29%), Polkadot (+4.62%), Uniswap (+0.8%), Chainlink (+6.10%), Solana (+4 .68%), Bitcoin Cash (+3.89%) and Litecoin (+3.89%).ADA has risen about 20% in one day and is currently at $1.77 – the highest price since the 4th of June. This was due to the announcement by Charles Hoskinson, founder of Cardano and co-founder of Ethereum. The team is moving towards completing the network's computational layer, the so-called Hard Fork Alonzo. This fork is the update that implements smart contracts functionality on the grid and will have its release date announced this Friday. May.
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