Cryptocurrencies and online casinos: the future of gambling?


Online gambling is currently at the best moment in its history. Every year new technologies appear, new games and, why not point it out too, new payment methods. Within the latter are cryptocurrencies, and it is these that we will talk about in this article. Currently, the best online casinos in Spain are beginning to offer cryptocurrencies as a payment method and that is because players enjoy gambling, from blackjack to poker, and being able to pay with their digital assets.

Cryptocurrencies as a payment method

When someone signs up at a casino, whatever it is, they are faced with a wide variety of different payment methods. Many times it is difficult to choose, since each one has its advantages and disadvantages. For example, if you want to register in a casino with a minimum deposit of €1, you can look to use payment methods without commissions and that allow you to play your favorite games maximizing benefits, and cryptocurrencies is one of them. This is thanks to the fact that they are decentralized assets, that is, there is no bank that regulates them. This makes them very volatile assets, but you hardly have to pay commissions to use them.


Advantages of cryptocurrencies to make deposits in a casino

Around cryptocurrencies there are all kinds of opinions. Some believe that they are the future and others think that they are going to disappear sooner rather than later. The second is unlikely to happen, because cryptocurrencies are more than established in our society. When it comes to gambling and casinos, cryptocurrencies have a lot to say and that is that they are becoming one of the most demanded payment methods by users. Here are some of the advantages of making deposits at an online casino with cryptocurrencies:

immediacy. Transactions made with cryptocurrencies do not have to be verified or verified by a bank, which makes them much faster. You simply need a device with an internet connection and you will be able to send and pay with cryptocurrencies anywhere in the world. Security. One of the most scary things for users of casinos and gambling websites is the security of payments. Payment methods such as cards or bank transfers involve putting your personal and bank details, something that not many people like. Transactions with cryptocurrencies are anonymous and secure thanks to the encryption system of the “blockchain”. This means that your data will be protected by a double layer: that of the blockchain and that of the casino. Commissions. Another advantage of the fact that cryptocurrencies are decentralized and that they do not depend on banks, is that the commissions are much lower, in fact, non-existent in most cases. Comfort. Certain payment methods can be tedious to process. With cryptocurrencies this does not happen and it is that in a few clicks you can make a deposit in the casino, make a purchase or send money to a friend. This is one of the reasons why more and more people decide to try cryptocurrencies as a payment method every day. They can help you earn money. Having cryptocurrency is not only good for buying and making payments, but its volatility can make you make money (also lose it). If you like the world of investment and keep an eye on the market, having cryptocurrencies in your portfolio can make you earn a lot of money.

The future of cryptocurrencies

The iGaming sector, although it has experienced tremendous growth in recent years, is still in its infancy. There is still a lot of evolution ahead, especially with regard to new technologies. Cryptocurrencies are one of these great changes that are going to revolutionize the industry, since they are going to bring gambling and casinos closer to many more people. It is still not a very widespread method if we compare it with the traditional ones, but little by little the casinos are including it in their catalogues. Within a few years, it is likely to become one of the most widely used payment methods on the Internet.


Cryptocurrencies have been known for several years now, but their leap into the real world, that is, the fact that they can be used for day-to-day things, is what has caused their popularity to skyrocket. Online casinos are aware of the “boom” of cryptocurrencies and admit that accepting them as a payment method is not only good for users, but also for the casinos themselves. The future of cryptocurrencies is currently uncertain, but if all goes as expected, in a few years they will be one of the most widely used payment methods on the Internet.

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