Crypto Trader Review 2020 🥇- Legit or Scam? Live Results


What is Crypto trader?


The first blockchain of Bitcoin was valued for less than ten cents per coin back in 2009. Since then, Bitcoin has seen bull markets where the value peaked at $20,000 per coin for a brief period, and still, even today is valued over $12,000. Between 2009 and now, Bitcoin has seen major rallies and crashes, which for some, has meant millions in profits virtually overnight. That’s why automated trading in the Bitcoin market stands to offer large profit margins by trading as soon as trends are detected. That’s the job of Crypto trader.

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The volatility and high value of Bitcoin make for easy profits if done right. Crypto trader attempts to trade quickly according to market trends. This platform was created by two brothers who had a background in trading and statistics. This combination leads to a “dream team” of sorts that resulted in a Bitcoin trading algorithm. Both brothers personally use the platform for their trading portfolio. The platform was also designed to be customizable according to the trader’s needs and preferences since the bothers understood every trader is different. This combination of features and background makes Crypto trader a strong candidate in the world of automated trading.

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Getting Started



Before diving into the features of Crypto trader, we out to mention how to get started if you decide to leap. There are only three steps to follow. First, you can open an account for free and simply need to provide your name, email, and phone number. Secondly, you need to deposit to fund your trading account. The minimum deposit allowed is $250. For your first trade, you probably shouldn’t do more than $250, just to make sure you get a feel for things and don’t potentially lose a lot of money. Finally, after your deposit clears, you can begin trading.

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Pro’s and Con’s


Overall, Crypto trader has numerous features (that we’ll get into soon). The interface is very beginner, friendly, and simple to use/understand. At the same time, due to the customizability feature, the platform can be turned into an expert trading platform with just a few clicks of the mouse. The algorithm’s analytic capabilities are quite impressive and boast a 90% accuracy rate in predicting trends. Furthermore, both automatic and manual trading is possible. So, you can make sure your investments are protected in the case of a major market dip. Perhaps the nicest feature was the “free” side of things. There’s no monthly payment, no start-up fee, nothing. Simply throw in $250 or more and start trading right away. This service can remain free because unused portions of your deposit are put into an interest-bearing account that earns the platform money every day. This means you don’t pay anything while the service still receives funds to keep operations booming. Another Pro is the customer service for Crypto trader. They are both responsive and helpful when it comes to asking questions or troubleshooting problems.


However, no platform is perfect, and the Crypto trader does come with a few downsides. First, the minimum deposit might be a barrier to many Bitcoin traders who want to trade for casually. This also means the average person likely won’t be trading Bitcoin through this platform anytime soon, considering most people don’t even know what Bitcoin is. With that said, this platform is best for people who know and understand the Bitcoin space and want to invest decent sums of money over a long period. Another potential downside for some is the platform is strictly online only. While that may not sound important, offline trading is quite common among larger investors. Even with both of those downsides, Crypto trader still offers a highly worth checking out the platform.

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Crypto trader Features





Hundreds of users have reported successful profits and payouts via the Crypto trader system. Given that you connect your bank account in order to deposit your funds, you’ll then also receive your payouts via your bank account. Keep in mind, however, that some users who boast about huge profits are typically investing large sums of money into the platform. From the start, especially with the minimum deposit of $250, you shouldn’t expect any massive gains. Instead, you should build up your investing portfolio overtime.


Costs and Fees


Surprisingly there are no additional fees or costs when using Crypto trader. In most other automated trading platforms, you’ll be allowed to create a free account, but then be bombarded with offers for premium services or charged for “special services.” This is not the case with Crypto trader. Instead, you truly get a free-to-use experience. Even better, upon your initial deposit, you get to call and speak with an experienced broker who will offer guidance and walk you through how the platform works. In our eyes, that’s a deal you can’t beat.


Withdrawal Process


Taking your money out of the platform is easy and also comes with no hidden fee’s or costs, like other aspects of this platform, it’s truly free. You can also make a withdrawal request at any time of day or the week and expect to receive the funds within 24 hours. Keep in mind in some cases, you may experience longer waiting periods if the amounts are above $10,000, but that’s more of a federal regulation issue than it is the platform.


Verification System


Crypto trader, like other platforms, wants to make sure you are who you are. When you sign up, you’ll need to provide your legal name, email, and phone number. You’ll also get a verification code you’ll need to enter on the website. You’ll also need to use that verification system anytime you confirm an action or process. For example, if you want to deposit or withdraw money, then you’ll need to use two-factor authentication. The same applies if you want to make a trade or set up an automatic trading function for your account. All in all, this system will protect your account and keep your money safe even if the website was hacked or your password ended up in the wrong hands.


Customer Service


Crypto trader offers 24/7 customer service that responds quickly to inquires and is as helpful as ever. This is important considering your real investing money into a trading platform. This is a huge perk of the website since most other platforms have spotty customer service, or in other cases, you need to wait days for someone to get back to you. In the case of Crypto trader, the customer service was done right.


User Reviews


The platform itself offers a testimonials section that takes in real user reviews. Keep in mind that the reviews are not moderated or approved. Even then, there are numerous other third party counties with reviews you can read about Crypto trader. With that said, this platform is well known and vouched for in the Bitcoin Community. The most common theme in the positive reviews notes that Crypto trader is easy to use, has a high degree or predicting accuracy, and has great customer service.


 Affiliated Brokers


Like we mentioned previously, upon registering your account, you get to speak with a real broker over the phone. This is invaluable as brokers will give you advice according to your goals and will be able to help you navigate and learn the basics of investing in Bitcoin. Some users have even taken to performing background checks on the brokers and have found they legitimately are brokers with good backgrounds.

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Crypto trader AI


Many people new to the world of trading, especially automated trading may be wondering how the Crypto trader algorithm works and can be so accurate. While some users claim to make $850 to thousands a day, it can seem too good to be true in some cases. Keep in mind those kinds of investors are likely playing with huge sums of money. A large swath of users has also said their investing strategy turned profitable within a matter of weeks as opposed to the months it can take through manual trading with no AI.


Speaking of AI, that’s what makes Crypto trader so profitable. This AI program is capable of detecting new trading opportunities that humans cannot detect as quickly. Furthermore, the program eliminates human error and makes decisions millions of times faster than humans can. Even better, the program continues to learn and apply its knowledge about the Bitcoin trading world over time; this is what makes it an AI. This makes for a platform that is guided by professional brokers, and less noticeable opportunities are acted upon.


 Ways to maximize success with Crypto trader


Upon starting your account, you may be left a little dazed and confused. Even with the guidance of a broker and user-friendly design, it’s important to note a few tips before getting started.


Start Small


No matter how much experience you have with investing in general, the Bitcoin market is a different beast. You should always start small with your deposits and be willing to lose what you invest. That means don’t hedge your bets and use your next paycheck in the hopes it will double overnight. Instead, use any money you can afford to lose. Otherwise, it can be very easy to pour your savings into the platform because your initial deposit was giving you a positive return. However, it’s always recommended that you slowly build your portfolio from the ground up and only invest slowly over time. This gives you a chance to develop your skills and ensure each penny invested is earning you money.

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Set Aside Profits


Let’s say that you invested $500, and a month later, you made $50 from that initial investment. In this case, don’t get greedy and keep all of those profits on the platform. Take a portion of it out so that if the market does go down, your total profit will be protected. You should do this every time you make a profit. Get in the habit of taking some of it out of the platform and re-investing some of it back into the platform. Over time you’ll eventually see a return of your deposit yet still have money in the platform.


Follow the Experts


Everyone likes to think they’re more intelligent than the average person. That kind of confidence, mixed with a lack of experience, can quickly result in lost money and frustration. Instead, put your ego aside and approach every situation from a place of humility. Try to get rid of the idea that you know what you’re doing and instead pay attention to what the experts say. You should keep up with cryptocurrency news and maybe even follow a few brokers.




It’s important that you keep records of your trades for tax purposes. In some cases, you may owe taxes on your profits from trading. Aside from keeping records on your traders and profits, that same information can also help you learn about your successes and failures thus far. Take a look at your overall invested amount and profits. Is it what you expected? Did you gain anything or just break even? Either way, use those documents as a means to learn and grow.

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Learn and Grow


Another aspect of trading successfully is to accept that you probably don’t really understand what you’re doing. Instead, you should seek out as many resources as possible in the trading and Bitcoin spaces. Try to find professional brokers or very successful investors and follow their examples. In some cases, brokers and investors will even Tweet about what they’re currently trading with guidance for others. You may also want to take a crash course on investing or find a free course offered by a Youtuber or other investing professional. You should also check Bitcoin news somewhat frequently and stay up to date with changes in the market.




Overall, given the features and community praise for Crypto trader, this platform seems to come out on top for automated and manual trading in the world of Bitcoin. The platform is well-vetted, process your deposit and withdraws quickly, is truly free to use, and, best of all, offers an extremely accurate AI prediction program at your fingertips. It’s like having a personal AI program that constantly watches the market in order to maximize your profits. Crypto trader also offers fantastic customer support and guidance from professional brokers, again, for free, you just can’t beat that. So, if you’re interested, I trading Bitcoin then consider Crypto trader.


You should also make sure to protect yourself and your money. Make sure to read any terms and conditions set out by companies you use. Keep up to date with cryptocurrency news and use any available resources at your disposal to keep learning. Start out small, use two-factor authentication, and never invest more than you’re willing to lose. Also, remember to keep your ego at the door and consider yourself a novice at all times. If you do those things, then you’ll likely be successful at trading and begin to see profits like so many other users. If you follow this advice and being using Crypto trader, then you’ll likely become one of thousands of users who are seeing big profits.


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