Crypto Engine Review 2020 – Scam or Safe? Find the Truth

Crypto Engine is known as one of the most popular automated trading “bots” for the Bitcoin community. This review will explore the features, benefits, cons, and what people are saying about the platform. You’ll also learn about why so many people use Crypto Engine and why it’s win-rate is noteworthy.


Crypto Engine is an automatic trading platform that seeks to maximize investor profits through monitoring the Bitcoin trading market. Through this constant monitoring, small fluctuations and trends can be discovered by the trading software. This means actions can be taken within a matter of seconds in order to truly maximize earning potential. At the same time, the software seeks to avoid human error and continues to learn, given its past decisions and actions.

Crypto Engine does report a “win-rate” or 88% and, in some cases, higher than 90%. At the same time, many users have repotted positive things about the platform and recommend it to others.

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Is it Trustworthy?

You’ve likely heard or seen rumors of people making thousands of dollars per day with automatic trading platforms similar to Crypto Engine. These kinds of posts are true for some, but more so for people investing huge amounts of money with decades of trading experience. Those kinds of claims can confuse many as they may seem too good to be true. So what gives? Is Crypto Engine trustworthy?

In many cases, those making big claims simply don’t hold up under the most basic scrutiny. That, however, is not the case with Crypto Engine. This platform is one of a handful that claims very high win-rates and has the evidence to back it up. This platform has withstood even the harshest scrutiny by third parties and users who use the service. What it means is Crypto Engine offers a legitimate service to gain substantial profits from automated Bitcoin trading.

In-depth Review

Before diving into the details of the Crypto Engine, it’s important to understand what automated trading is, and where it came from. A good analogy would be that of the farmer. Just 100 years ago, the farmer likely spent from dusk until dawn tending to his fields with specialized knowledge and tools. This meant that large scale production of crops just wasn’t possible for the average Joe. In the same vein, trading used to require the knowledge of markets without using the Internet or guidance—the man-hours required to understand and make trades used to be tremendous.

Yet, like the farmer, the software began to change things. The farmer not only got newer and more advanced equipment, but that equipment also used software to automate many tasks and maximize crop yields. This is the same case as bitcoin trading. Software over time has been developed to monitor and learn from Bitcoin trading tactics. The result is a program capable of trading real-time trading metrics and trends. From these measurements and tracking, the software can make informed decisions about the best trades to make in order to maximize gains.

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Origin of Crypto Engine

This platform began in 2018 when a group of brokers decided that it was time to realize maximum profits through automated trading with Bitcoin. The group initially claimed the software was just fractions of a second faster than other software. Although that may not seem important, it is indeed critical to the success of the platform. That’s because automated trading’s success comes through speed. In order to maximize gains, you need to be the first to act. This results in an environment where several software algorithms are making decisions at fractions of a second in speed. The first to make the decision is the first to win.

Upon the group of brokers’ initial startup phase, the topic of introducing trading to beginners came up. So, it’s clear from an early point that the team behind Crypto Engine was thinking about how to make the platform easy to use for beginners. This not only means an easy to use interface but also making sure the functions and realized profits of the algorithm are simple for users.

Automated Trading At A Glance

So, what exactly does automated trading do, and why should a beginner like you care? Performing analysis of markets is extremely difficult. There are individuals who spend their entire life studying theory and trying to understand/predict market trends. Even then, those individuals often make mistakes and get trades wrong quite often. So, as a beginner, it can be overstimulating to consider the market and what you think it will do in the near future. Yet, that issue is not present with automated trading like Crypto Engine. Instead, the software takes care of the analysis for you.

Even better, most automated trading software is far better and far faster at making decisions than any humans. This results in a program that is always better than humans at noticing trading trends and always faster at making trading decisions. Furthermore, automated trading can open and close trades for you without any user input. This means, to a certain degree, you can just sit back and watch the magic happen, so to speak.

Getting Started

Registering on the Crypto Engine website is fast, and it doesn’t take long to get started with trading. There are no subscription fees for using the software, and the platform is truly free. That means no premium functions, no special offers, no features behind paywalls. To get started, you’ll need to complete four simple steps.

1) Go to the Crypto Engine website.
2) Select the registration option and provide your legal name and email.
3) Create a strong password and provide additional contact information on the website requests. You’ll need to provide a phone number, for example.
4) Submit the information and check your email for a confirmation. .

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Your First Trade

Once your account has been created, then it’s time to fund your account. Before throwing any real money into the platform, however, Crypto Engine provides and highly encourages new users to take the tour. This tour will give you a fake money balance of $1,500. Furthermore, the tour will show you features of the platform as well as tips for trading and maximizing your profits. You can “invest” the $1,500 as you see fit. Keep in mind this money is fake, but it will perfectly simulate what it would be like to actually invest that amount of money.

Once you’ve walked through the tour, then it’s time to deposit your initial investment into your account. Most users begin small with around $250. Crypto Engine also allows for a wide range of despot options like using any marker credit/debit card, or attaching your bank account for direct deposits and withdraws. Keep in mind that whatever option you use to deposit money will be the same for withdrawing money.

Crypto Engine also allows you to trade in not just Bitcoin, but also Etherium, Litecoin, Ripple and others. You may then begin a trade by setting up the number of trades, parameters for the trades, and so on.

Crypto Engine Features

Crypto Engine comes with a variety of features, some of which are unique to the platform. We’ll first discuss the basic features of the platform then move onto the more unique ones.


Overall the registration process is quick and easy to do. The software is specifically designed to get you trading as soon as possible. In order to get quick approval and begin trading right away, just provide as much information as the signup page asks for. The less information you provide, the longer an approval will take. There also are truly no registration fees!


Other platforms require up to seven days for a withdrawal to take place. This obviously isn’t ideal, and luckily is not the case with Crypto Engine. Upon requesting a withdrawal at any time of day, you will see the funds within 24 hours. The only time it may take longer is if you’re pulling out more than $10,000.

Depositing Funds

In some cases, platforms may also require their users to maintain high deposit amounts of above $1,000 just to keep the account open. This is not the case with the Crypto Engine. Instead, you just need to keep a balance of $250 to trade on the platform. This makes it easy for beginners to get started a try their hand at automated Bitcoin trading.

Trusted Software

Crypto Engine is highly trusted among the Bitcoin trading community. You can also find reviews from a series of third-party websites, review boards, and more about the platform. This means the platform is well known and trusted among the community since the software is said to be both reliable and profitable.

Exclusive Features

The team behind the Crypto Engine knew that automated trading platforms had a lot of room for improvement. For instance, the demo account option is unique among automated trading and gives potential users a real look into how their money could grow. So, here a few of those unique features.


The overall profitability of any automated trading platform is the key to its success. In some cases, users have said and verified earnings of $1,300 per day (not every day). Even better, many beginners have noted they were able to eventually work their way up to similar earnings after spending time learning the system and making trades.

High Success Rate

Crypto Engine is one of the few platforms that can claim and actually prove high success rates. In fact, the platform sees an average success rate of 88% and, in some cases, more.

Demo Account

Again, the demo account is truly unique and a great way to get started. Right off the bat with no commitment, you can see how it looks to trade and what will happen to your money on the platform. It also gives you a good idea of your trading ability and whether you want to bite the bullet and trade for real.

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Pros and Cons of Crypto Engine.

No platform is perfect, and Crypto Engine has many pros and some cons that we thought were worth mentioning. Here are the pros:



  • Quick Customer Support
  • Demo Mode
  • Registration is free and easy
  • User interface is easy to navigate
  • Software is wel vetted and trusted in the community
  • Win-rate is high and proven
  • Faster trading than other software
  • Multiple cryptocurrencies


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  • No mobile app and no development insight

Crypto Engine Summary

Overall, the Crypto Engine is a highly vetted and proven automated cryptocurrency trading software. This platform has proven itself as among the best in the game through an 88% successful win-rate and processes information just fractions of a second faster than other software. This means your trades on Crypto Engine almost always have an advantage against other trading platforms.

The platform is also highly unique in that a demo mode is offered for those seeking to get a feel for thins without risking their money first. This mood gives you a fake $1,500 to work with yet reflects reality in that you make trades and receive gains exactly as you would with real money. Furthermore, Crypto Engine is one of the most reviewed and vetted platforms known to the community and has countless positive reviews of people truly making money from the platform.

Tips for Success

With any trading platform, there are still inherent risks associated with trading. That’s because men with an 88% win-rate, the market are still unpredictable. Furthermore, the platform has to compete against humans and other software that may not always be predictable in its strategy and implementation. Therefore, it’s important to keep in mind several tips to minimize your risk and maximize your potential gains.

Start Small

The best advice is to start small. Start off with the minimum amount required ($250) and begin there. Don’t jump into investing large sums of money even if you have prior trading experience. Markets are unpredictable, and no matter what you are, you will never follow the rules you want. So, start small and slowly investment money over time; there’s no rush.

Set Aside Profits

Once you begin to realize profits, then place portions of it aside. Your goal should be to eventually get back your initial investment but still have money left in your account. This means you’ll eventually get to a position of complete safety where there no risk because every penny in your account was profit.

Leave Your Ego at the Door

Make sure to be humble and realize that no matter what, you aren’t good at trading; in fact, no one is. Even the most successful traders make huge mistakes on a consistent basis. It’s the occasional wins that keep them afloat. In the same vein, remember that you’re not any better, and ultimately the market knows best, not you.

Always Learn

You should continue to strive for new knowledge and information whenever and wherever possible. Try finding some popular brokers and follow their advice for trading Bitcoin. You can also join communities and forums that discuss trading and theory. In other cases, there are plenty of successful traders who put out Youtube videos and still others who Tweet daily advice and even share the trades they made that day. Just remember to keep learning.

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