Here follows a, not complete, list of all the people who have helped the Museum develop from the small museum with 5,000 visitors open only 3 half days a week in 1989 to the current museum with 32,000 visitors open 7 days a week. For credits for creating this web page click here.

The museum was founded by Lord Brock and is administered by the Lord Brock Memorial Trust. Lord Brock is remembered as a pioneer of open-heart surgery. Fomer chairs of the Trust include: Lord McColl and Sir Norman Browse.

The Trustees of the Lord Brock Memorial Trust are:

  • Prof. Simon Howell, King’s College, London, Chairman
  • Sir Barry Jackson, Deputy Chairman
  • Mr David Firmin
  • Mr Giles Hacking, C G Hacking & Sons Ltd, Treasurer
  • Stella Mason, Keeper Of The College Collections, Royal College of Surgeons
  • John Monoogian, The Honourable Company Of Gray’s Inn
  • Tony West, Director Of Pharmacy
  • Mr Robert Mason, Guys’ and St Thomas NHS Foundation Trust
  • Prof. Kevin Burnand, King’s College, London
  • Porf. John Rees , King’s College, London
  • Rev Anna Macham, Southwark Cathedral

The Museum is staffed by (in alphabetic order):

  • Kirsty Chilton
  • Kevin Flude
  • Karen Howell
  • Valentina Lari
  • Julie Mathias
  • Iris Millis
  • Julie Wakefield

The Museum is managed by Cultural Heritage Resources.

The Museum owes a great debt of gratitude to Marion Box, Colin Parr, and Gareth Miles who provide tremendous support. Museum Trusttess staff, volunteers and associates who have helped in the past include:Mr Martin Jourdan, Lord McColl, Sir Norman Browse, Antony West, Mike Stone, Michael Tambini, Tony Clayton, Mike Bardell, Yvette Barrett, Barbara Booker (Herb Woman) Dawn Howeel, Marietta Ryan, Jose Bea, Alistair Simmonds, Stewart Caine, Jo Hall, Paul Herbert, Lucy Davies, Felicity Horada, Iris Boening, Julia Grollman and Leonie Hannan. Julie Carter, Jean Haynes, Hugh Jenkins, Sarah Chaney, Katie Edwardsand Chris Sams, Jo Holt, Marita Parr, Connie and Hetty Flude.

The museum’s robust health is also due to help from the Charitable Trust of St Thomas’s and Guy’s Hospitals; our landlords – the Cathedral Group, our former Landlords Butcher, Robinson & Staples Ltd., part of The Chapter Group; the Barbara Whatmore Foundation; Southwark Heritage Association, the Borough High Street Foundation, MLA, London (and in all its earlier manifestations (AMSSEE, SEMS, LMA, ALM, London, MLA, London) and the London Renaissance Hub.

The Museums displays are maintained by the Museum staff with particular thanks to the Curator Karen Howell. The theatre was originally restored thanks to generous donations from the Wolfson Trust. The present displays originated with the aid of grants from Gerard House, Butcher, Robinson & Staples Ltd.,The Barbara Whatmore Trust, the Pilgrim Trust, Bayer UK, the Raynes Foundation, the Manifold Trust, Price Waterhouse, Area Museum Service South East England and the Special Trustees of Guy’s and St Thomas’s. The Museum has also benefited by donations from the Wellcome Institute, Wicked London Publications and South Thames Training & Enterprise Council. These displays were originally created by Kevin Flude and Paul Herbert; assisted by Mike Bardill, Mike Barrel, Tony Clayton, Daynes Design Partnership, Hugh Jenkins, Barrie Lees, Alan Powell, Malcolm Russell, Dave Scott, Marion O’Shea, Poppy Singer, Michael Tambini, Roger Taylor and Philip Wilson. These displays have been substantially remodelled under the direction of Karen Howell and with the help of staff mentioned above.

The herbal display at the Museum is the work of Karen Howell. Education work at the Museum has been helped by grants from the Department of Education and Skills (DfEE DfES), the Foyle Foundation, PricewaterhouseCoopers and the Pool of London. The Front Entrance display was funded by the London Museums Agency and the Pool of London Partnership.

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