Companies can ask for a grace period to pay Pronampe

Charlie Taylor

The Economy Ministry reported yesterday (9) that banks may extend the grace period for payment of the National Support Program for Micro and Small Enterprises (Pronampe) from eight to 11 months. The change in the text of the regulation was approved by the shareholders' meeting of the Operations Guarantee Fund (FGO), held on the 8th.Companies, what should they do?
Companies wishing to extend the shortage of the Pronampe line should seek out the financial institutions with which they signed the credit agreements. According to the Economy, the change in the grace period does not need to be approved by Congress, because the section was vetoed in the law that institutes the program and readjusted in the FGO regulation.

The program

Pronampe was created in May last year by the federal government to help small businesses financially and, at the same time, keep jobs during the covid-19 pandemic. The benefited companies made a commitment to preserve the number of employees and were able to use the resources to finance business activities, such as investments and working capital for operating expenses.

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According to the Ministry of Economy, the program provided more than R $ 37 billion in financing for almost 520 thousand micro and small entrepreneurs. conditions: payment term of 36 months, grace period of up to eight months and interest rate of, at most, Selic + 1.25%. The financial institutions that joined the Program were able to request the guarantee of the Operation Guarantee Fund (FGO), governed by Law No. 12,087 / 2009, in up to 100% of the value of the operation ”, informed the folder. Only click here if you are already an investorThe post Companies can ask for a grace period to pay Pronampe first appeared in 1 Billion Financial Education.

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