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They secure SEK 700 million in financing from one of the world’s largest asset managers

Published: 18 April 2023, 12:05 Updated: 18 April 2023, 15:20Sebastian Harung, founder of Kameo. Through their platform, 40,000 individuals and companies invest in real estate – and receive monthly interest payments in return. With the help of new financing, Kameo will now open up to even more, and bigger projects. – We are eager to get started and finance even more real estate projects, says CEO and founder Sebastian Harung.Kameo – Invest in real estate loans with high expected interest rates With an addition of SEK 700 million, the Scandinavian investment platform Kameo – which allows everyone to invest in real estate – is now ready to take the next big step on its growth journey. The capital comes from funds managed by Insight Investment, one of the world’s largest asset managers, which at the end of 2022 managed just over SEK 8,200 billion. Through Kameo’s platform, 40,000 individuals and companies directly invest in secured real estate loans and receive returns in the form of monthly interest payments. Historically, the annual return has been around 8.5 percent.The new capital will Kameo use to finance loans for energy-efficient new construction projects in Sweden. – This is very important to us. It has truly been a team effort. The whole of Kameo has worked long and hard with Insight Investment’s transparency of our loan and credit processes. It is a mark of quality that they give the green light to our processes, says Sebastian Harung, CEO and founder of Kameo. Furthermore, he sees this as an important step on the company’s path to becoming a real bank challenger and to winning market share from traditional lenders. – We are keen to get started and finance even more property projects. Now we can broker even more and even bigger loans, he says.For the property developers Kameo’s platform opens up new possibilities. Sebastian Harung notes that there are still many credit-worthy companies on the market, but that these are now experiencing challenges because the banks have become more restrictive with their lending. In this situation, Kameo can offer an alternative to the banks and the bond market by arranging access to flexible financing. – More housing is needed in Sweden. At the same time, the banks will set higher requirements and favor larger companies. There is a great demand for financing from property developers and we can now begin to meet it. Since 2016, we have been a natural partner for small and medium-sized real estate developers in Sweden. Now we have another SEK 700 million in loan space and we can expand as we deliver, he says. What does the addition mean for the private individuals and companies who invest in real estate projects via your platform? – That we can do even more and even bigger projects . We also hope that investors feel as we do: that Insight Investments’ approval of our credit process is a mark of quality. Thanks to capital from Insight, Kameo can now finance larger volumes of loans than before, which gives us the opportunity to offer more investment opportunities for our investors. This also means that it becomes easier for our investors to spread their investment risk and choose the loans that suit their specific risk profile even better.Newly built homes are as a rule, 30 percent more energy efficient than older homes. Now Kameo wants to encourage real estate developers to become even more energy efficient. – Housing is an extremely important piece of the puzzle when society changes to become sustainable. Part of it is about making production energy efficient. Another equally important part is about reducing the large share that homes make up of the energy consumption itself. He sees another advantage in the construction of energy-efficient homes: it means cost savings for the residents. In light of the changes in the world that have taken place in the past year, energy has risen as a major cost item for many ordinary consumers, points out Sebastian Harung. – Today it is attractive to live in a house that consumes less energy. We want to be involved in financing ordinary homes for ordinary people. And nowadays they need to be more energy efficient. Partly because you can reduce costs, but also because it is more sustainable.Last year, Kameo lent out SEK 1.3 billion for property projects. This year, the ambition is to achieve SEK 1.8 billion. Sebastian Harung sees Kameo as a complement to saving on the stock market. He is proud that his own company still has no credit losses in Sweden. – We can be part of a smart portfolio where you have the money distributed in different assets. Historically, the return with us is 8.5 percent. In terms of risk, we see ourselves as an alternative that lies between the bank and the stock exchange. With a portfolio consisting of shares and a small part in Kameo, you get a passive income that you can reinvest.Disclaimer: As with all investments, investing through Kameo involves a risk, because historical returns are no guarantee of future returns.Kameo – Invest in real estate loans with high expected interest rates


Kameo is Scandinavia’s leading platform for investments in secured real estate loans, and has brokered over 870 loans with a value of over 3.8 billion Swedish kronor since its inception in 2016. Through Kameo’s platform, 40,000 individuals and companies invest directly in real estate loans across Scandinavia and receive monthly interest payments. Average net return for investors has been 8.5 percent per year. The Nordic investment bank ABG Sundal Collier has been Kameo’s largest owner since 2019 and acts as a strategic partner. Statistics:Total lent: SEK 3.8 billionBrokered loans: 875 piecesAverage interest: 8.5%Credit losses in Sweden: 0%Number of investors: 40,000 The article is produced by Brand Studio in collaboration with Kameo and not an article by Dagens industri

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