Cointimes Awards: choose the best in the crypto market in Brazil

Charlie Taylor

Today, January 18, 2022, the first edition of the Cointimes Awards 2022 | Alter, the biggest award in the cryptocurrency segment in Brazil. This is a Cointimes initiative with the purpose of recognizing the companies that stood out in the market throughout the year.
Here, we selected several highlights of 2020 to receive the visibility and recognition they deserve, after all we consider that they are the main responsible for the growth of the sector that we love so much.
But the decision of the public, the sovereigns of the free market, who must have the final say in deciding who receives first, second and third place titles in each category. If you help us in this vote, you will still run for $ 2,000 in bitcoin.
For the bitcoin prize, 3 winners will be selected, one to win the equivalent of R $ 1,000, the second R $ 600 and the third R $ 400. The winners will be chosen during the award live, which will take place on February 1st.Cointimes Awards
The event is sponsored by Alter, a digital account that makes transfers, pays slips and buys and sells cryptocurrencies. Have more! You have an international VISA card with Criptoback, make purchases with the card and earn bitcoins via cashback! All this at no cost!
In addition, we have the support of 10 more large companies inserted in the cryptocurrency market in Brazil, Empiricus, BitcoinTrade, Vitreo, StratumBlue, Coinext, Coingolive, Bullgain, Kamoney, Coingoback and Foxbit.

How to participate

To help us define the best companies and influencers in the cryptocurrency market in Brazil, you must go to the Cointimes Awards 2022 | Alter and click on “vote now”. Filling in your name and email is important to compete for the bitcoin award.
After that, you will see the following options for the main categories:Cointimes Awards

What was the best app?

VitreoBinanceBitfyZro BankFoxbitBitcoin MarketMonnosAlter

What was the best cryptocurrency on the market?

BitcoinEthereumTetherBitcoin CashNanoCardanoCBRLB2CoinBinance CoinMoneroPolkaDOTChainLinkDashDecred

What is the best service

EmpiricusZero BankZaigarAlterCoingobackVitreoKamoney

What is the best broker / exchange in 2020?

BinanceBitBlueBitcoinTradeBitcointoyouBitCloudBitPriceBitRecifeBullgainCoinextCointradeBuyBitcoinFoxbitBitcoin MarketNovaDAX

Which influencer helped you the most in 2020?

Carol e Kaká – UsecriptoDaniela Von Hertwig – Boy x BitcoinCharys Oliveira – Buy on VoltaGiovana Simão – Bit das MinasCátia Azenha – Cripto Feminino WorldFelippe Percigo – Prof. MBA in Digital Finance and BlockchainBo Williams – PhiCube FounderFernando Ulrich – EconomistFausto Botelho – EconomistRudá Pellini – Founder of WiseTrustRichard Rytenband – Convex ResearchAndré Franco – EmpiricusFelipe Sant'Anna – ParadigmaRafaela Romano – CointelegenErieStep and Disruptive – CryptomaniacsBitDov – Bitconheiros

Who was the most transparent company on the market?

HashdexVitreoFoxbitBitcoinTradeBPDexQR Capital

What was the best crypto fund?

HashdexVitreoBLP AssetQR Asset

Which had the best UX / User Experience?

Zro BankCoinextVitreoBuyBitcoinBitfyAlterMonnos

What was the most innovative company?

BPDexZro BankCoingobackCBRLBitcointoyouBitpriceAlterBitfyBullgainStratumBlueZaigarBuyBitcoin

Which company had the best service?

BinanceBitcoinTradeBitPriceBullgainCoinextCoinTradeBuyBitcoinFoxbitBitcoin MarketNovaDAXMonnosAlterThe vote counting will take place on February 1st and the award phase will start on February 2nd. Be sure to participate!
Click here and contribute to the choice of the best companies and influencers in the crypto world at the Cointimes Awards 2022 | Alter!

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