CoinEx offers you top-tier products for a highly competitive market


When choosing the best cryptocurrency exchange there are many aspects to take into account, that is why today we bring you the one that in our opinion is one of the most comprehensive digital asset exchanges today coming to offer a wide variety of tools and products to improve the user experience when investing in the cryptocurrency market.

stay until the end and discover how to use CoinEx to take your investment portfolio to the next level.

What is CoinEx?

CoinEx was born in 2017 and since then it has presented exponential growth, presenting itself as a platform that offers exchange services for a large number of digital assetsis made up of 5 other platforms and together they manage to create the right ecosystem to solve all the daily needs of users in more than 200 countries.

The CoinEx ecosystem is made up of the following platforms:

What does CoinEx offer?

Among the positive aspects offered by the platform we can find a simple usability in its interface, ideal for both beginners and experts, direct support in more than 16 languages, low commissions to enter and exit the platform, high liquidity, capacity to execute up to 10,000 transactions per second and security in the funds with a 100% guarantee since they remain stored in cold wallets.

Top of the line products!

CoinEx Ambassadors.

By becoming a CoinEx ambassador you will begin to enjoy a large number of privileges such as 50% profit on the trading fees of your referrals, exclusive analysis tools and access to investment opportunities in advance. Offer your knowledge in global marketing operations to grow the CoinEx ecosystem and enjoy unlimited rewards!

CoinEx partners.

It is a job proposal that the CoinEx team makes to specialists in the world of cryptocurrencies, it means that if you are an influential person in the world of cryptocurrencies you can directly participate in the operations and advertising of CoinEx Exchange to expand international markets. and build a global business ecosystem with a joint effort.

Market Makers.

You can apply to join the CoinEx platform market makers if you are an individual or agency of traders whose trading volume amounts to $5,000,000 million dollars per month in the Spot/Futures markets.

Token list.

The inclusion of new projects is always open to all blockchain innovators, which is why CoinEx, through the use of a specialized form, allows project access taking into account all the necessary aspects to enter the crypto world properly.

Multiple tools in one place!

CoinEx significantly improves the user experience by providing a wide variety of tools through the use of 5 different platforms that serve as a support base for a high level crypto ecosystem, from digital wallets and investment funds to quick exchange options via Swap and its own blockchain that allows the creation of a large number of applications.

All this and more can be offered by CoinEx on a low-cost platform accessible to everyone worldwide in a “comfortable and secure” environment.

If you want to create an account in CoinEx you can do it through the following link.


Sign up and start enjoying the competitive advantage that CoinEx offers you!

For more information visit their official links on social networks.

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