CoinEx, More than a platform, an ecosystem of next generation Blockchain services!


When it comes to accessing the infinite investment opportunities offered by the crypto universe, you need a platform that can provide you with the necessary solidity to execute all kinds of operations and thus take a competitive advantage in a market as wild as the crypto market.

The present day we show you the operation of a platform whose ecosystem can simplify the way you access a wide range of services related to blockchain and cryptocurrencies easily and safely. All in one place! Do you want to know who we are talking about? Go for it!

What is CoinEx?

It is presented as a platform made up of 5 other platforms in charge of offering a large number of services to meet the needs of users in the current cryptocurrency market. Among the services offered we must highlight the exchange of digital assets, cryptocurrency mining pools, digital wallet, investment opportunities, among many others.

The CoinEx ecosystem is made up of the following platforms:

Why use CoinEx?

It is currently available in more than 200 countries and has a trading volume of more than 700 million dollars in 24 hours; all of it offering a large number of investment options such as asset exchange in the spot market, margin market, perpetual futures market, mining, among many other tools in the cryptocurrency market.

CoinEx was founded in 2017 by Haipo Yang in association with the ViaBTC team, presenting since then an exponential growth in which it has established itself as a great option for traders and lovers of cryptocurrencies.

Some of the advantages of using CoinEx.


CoinEx features a unique trading engine capable of running up to 10,000 TPS (transactions per second) being one of the fastest today.

24/7 support.

CoinEx customer service is characterized by providing specialized support in a large number of languages ​​at all times.

Worldwide operations.

CoinEx has a global operational team with extensive experience in the blockchain and fintech sector, covering 15 language areas globally.

All this and more can be offered by CoinEx on a low-cost platform accessible to everyone worldwide in a “comfortable and secure” environment.

What are you waiting for? Create an account now!


Sign up and enjoy a high level service ecosystem with CoinEx!

For more information visit their official links on social networks.

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