CoinEx Launches 5th Anniversary Celebration to Build the Future of Crypto Together with Users


CoinEx, a globally recognized crypto exchange, will soon celebrate its fifth anniversary. The exchange has announced a series of commemorative giveaway events themed “To In5inity and Beyond, the Future with You,” inviting global users to its fifth-anniversary carnival.

CoinEx was founded by Haypo Yang, founder of ViaBTC Pool and an early investor in Bitcoin, in December 2017. The young entrepreneur stumbled upon the blockchain ecosystem and invested in Bitcoin in 2011, becoming a veteran of it. In 2016, he completed the ViaBTC Pool code independently. After the pool went live the same year, Haypo realized the elements that were restricting the growth of crypto exchanges, as well as his future prospects. As a result, he decided to join the category and founded CoinEx in 2017.

In some ways, CoinEx wouldn’t exist without the insightful visions of its founder, who saw the future rise of crypto exchanges while working in the pool mining category. Today, CoinEx has provided products and services spanning cryptocurrency spot, futures, margin, and financing for more than 3 million users in more than 200 countries and regions. An increasing number of traditional investors have completed their first cryptocurrency investment through CoinEx. Together, they have been working with CoinEx to create a cryptocurrency future that promises great rewards for both the platform and users.

CoinEx’s fifth anniversary celebration is titled “To In5inity and Beyond, the Future with You,” reflecting its goal to surpass its existing achievements and build a crypto future with infinite possibilities together with users. Furthermore, the exchange platform has planned a series of amazing giveaway events to celebrate its fifth birthday with users around the world.

Join the CoinEx Anniversary Event on Social Media to Earn CET Rewards

According to the rules published by CoinEx, from December 9 to 16, users can follow CoinEx SNS accounts and post photos or anniversary blessings to win rewards up to 5,000 CET.

During the event, users can post cakes or drawings about CoinEx’s fifth anniversary. The more creative a user’s post is, the more likely they are to earn rewards, according to CoinEx. In general, you can easily join this interesting event, and skilled people or design experts are more likely to win the rewards.

Celebrate CoinEx’s fifth birthday with offline parties hosted in five major markets

In addition to the 5,000 CET reward, participants in the CoinEx anniversary event on social media can also win tickets to the CoinEx in-person party, which means you can get double rewards by participating in a single event. According to the official announcement, the party will take place on CoinEx’s English, Arabic, Turkish, Vietnamese, and Spanish markets.

In addition to exclusive benefits like cake, wine, and a raffle for cash rewards, users at the in-person party will also be able to meet with the CoinEx team and other investors for cryptocurrency discussions. For users who enjoy socializing at parties, this is an event not to be missed.

Make themed videos and repost anniversary news to earn great rewards

According to CoinEx, from December 24, 2022 to January 8, 2023, users can post anniversary videos on SNS platforms according to the official requirements to register for the CoinEx event and earn great CET rewards. Available to all users, the event comes with a huge cash prize of over 500,000 CET, and video creation enthusiasts have a better chance of winning bigger rewards.

Furthermore, CoinEx users can also earn CET rewards by reposting anniversary news on SNS platforms. In addition, CoinEx will also airdrop cash vouchers on its social media groups, and users can simply join one of the groups and stay tuned to the group chat to effortlessly collect exclusive benefits.

It should be noted that as CoinEx’s birthday falls on Christmas Eve, the exchange has also planned a Christmas event in addition to the anniversary celebration. CoinEx has also announced that it will be giving away limited edition NFTs to its users that will be distributed from December 24 to 30, 2022. You can follow CoinEx for announcements on more specific rules on how to get these limited edition NFTs.

Looking back on CoinEx’s anniversary celebrations in recent years, it’s clear that CoinEx’s “birthday parties” are never just about the platform itself. Instead, their anniversary celebrations are always aimed at giving back to users. By prioritizing users and their experiences and improving its products and services, CoinEx, one of the few accident-free cryptocurrency exchanges, has attracted more cryptocurrency users and built a good reputation despite frequent bankruptcy incidents in the circle for the past five years. CoinEx’s achievement shows us that to ensure continued success in building a cryptocurrency future, platforms must deliver on their initial commitments, dedicate themselves to making fine products, and always put users first.

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