CoinEx Charity Book Donation Worldwide arrives in Venezuela to spread its message in favor of education


We all know that access to quality education today is something invaluable and difficult to achieve for many. UNICEF emphasizes that with the recent COVID-19 pandemic, many countries regressed in their education because many teachers, children and adolescents did not have the necessary resources both to teach classes and for students to carry out their activities.

It is even more difficult for those in remote or conflict areas to obtain a quality education. That is why, in favor of world and social well-being, it was created CoinEx Charity, a multi-million dollar charity fund created to make the world a better place through the blockchain. With the CoinEx Charity Book Donation Worldwide we want to set a precedent and raise awareness about education globally. This aims to provide the best reading resources, school supplies and bookshelves for poor schools or activity centers for the most disadvantaged children around the world and thus help reduce the educational gap.

Countries like Malaysia, Vietnam, Brazil, Nigeria, South Korea, Venezuela and many more witnessed the strong message he wants to leave. CoinEx Charity in the world. During their visit to Venezuela, they were in 4 schools in Cumaná, Sucre state, distributing a total of 400 books to both primary and secondary schools, but not only that, they also provided drawing and painting materials to promote and help in their activities. daily. Managers and professors promoted the initiative and the students were happy to be able to expand their libraries.

The “Gran Mariscal de Ayacucho” school expressed its gratitude and stated that initiatives like this will not only help the children but also their teachers, since they will be able to count on enough reading material for all grades of primary school. Similarly, the Liceo “Los Frailes” commented “We are a school located in a remote area in the state of Sucre, this will help the children of our community to continue growing in the future.” Many expect this CoinEx Charity Book Donation Worldwide not be the last time you visit Venezuela. CoinEx Charity is actively committed to continuing to carry out more such campaigns in the future around the world for social welfare.
CoinEx has always aimed to create products that satisfy its users and become the infrastructure of the blockchain world. The exchange strives to make cryptocurrency trading easier, provide knowledge suitable for its global users, and build a bridge connecting users with the crypto world. Founded this year, CoinEx Charity is living proof that CoinEx is a caring and socially responsible global company that is willing to fulfill its corporate social responsibility and give back to society, sparing no effort and thus extending a helping hand to those in need around the world.

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