CoinEx Charity Annual Review: Bringing Warmth to the World Through Charitable Actions


2022 has been an extraordinary year in which there have been more than 900 natural disasters around the world. This, coupled with the challenges of COVID-19 and military conflicts, has threatened the livelihoods of an increasing number of people. Despite tough global challenges, there are still people willing to shoulder the burden to reach the most vulnerable groups. This year, CoinEx Charity has continued to invest funds, labor and supplies in charitable programs and has provided charitable assistance to more than 20,000 people around the world, spreading warmth and compassion through charity.

CoinEx Charity is a non-profit charitable organization run by the CoinEx Exchange. The exchange has always emphasized and supported charitable programs. This year it has also created the Billionaire Charitable Fund, which has laid a solid foundation for the CoinEx Charity to carry out charitable events on a global scale.

Long-term commitment to charitable causes

Committed to its mission of “Through Blockchain, making the world a better place”, CoinEx Charity has contributed to multiple charitable causes, spanning poverty alleviation, childcare, educational charity, and disaster relief. . In 2022, focusing on the theme of education, the organization carried out charity programs in 19 regions, including scholarships, donations of school supplies and books, and free online courses, all of which were appreciated by the media and local charities.

In addition, CoinEx Charity also provided comprehensive support to people suffering from poverty, disaster, and disease. Through the donation of economic resources, basic necessities and medical supplies, it has improved the livelihoods of vulnerable groups. At the same time, CoinEx Charity has partnered with multiple charities to launch charity programs in fields such as poverty alleviation and educational charity.

When it comes to educational charity, CoinEx Charity has funded over 9,000 students from around the world, providing poor children with access to quality education and skills. To advocate for equity in education and encourage more businesses and nonprofits to pay attention to the education crisis threatening children, CoinEx Charity launched the global book donation campaign and visited 20 schools in different countries. During the campaign, the organization sent new school uniforms, school supplies and more than 10,000 books to students and built more than a dozen beneficial reading corners to create a more conducive learning environment and help address the inequality of educational resources among regions.

In addition to poor children, CoinEx Charity has also reached out to other vulnerable groups who are suffering. From disaster relief, through patient care, to supporting poor households in remote areas, the organization has always been on the front lines of charity. It has sent teams to locations around the world to provide immediate aid, including vital supplies, to people affected by disasters or other problems.


Union make force. When it comes to charity, partnerships between different non-profit organizations can give a boost to charitable causes. This year, CoinEx Charity has established long-term partnerships with multiple international charities. Joining forces, CoinEx Charity and its partners launched charitable programs such as the Mercy Children Program and Education Is My Hope, which expanded the social influence of the poverty alleviation and educational charity. These efforts have also earned CoinEx Charity appreciation and gratitude from around the world.


Charity has no borders and needs global actions

Looking back to 2022, CoinEx Charity has provided charitable aid to 19 underdeveloped regions and donated more than $230,000 worth of cash and supplies, benefiting more than 20,000 people. This marks the first milestone for the organization since its inception and will boost its pursuit of charitable causes.

In the future, CoinEx Charity will remain committed to its founding mission, continue to carry out charitable actions, and continue to explore new forms of charity. As it helps more vulnerable groups, the organization will contribute to building a brighter and more peaceful world. Also, CoinEx Charity also hopes that more companies and institutions can join the cause of charity, lend a hand to people in need, and build a healthy ecosystem for global charity through joint efforts.

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