Coinbase Survey Shows Crypto Adoption Rising Among Americans


In recent years, interest in cryptocurrencies among Americans has increased steadily. In fact, the recent results of a survey conducted by Coinbase confirm this fact.

The results show that 20% of Americans, representing around 5.3 million, own at least one crypto asset, while 29% (75.5 million) have expressed interest in buying cryptocurrencies in the next year. This trend is increasing among the younger generation, with 36% of Gen Z and 30% of millennials owning crypto assets.

Why are Americans interested in cryptocurrencies?

Coinbase Survey Shows Americans Have Expressed a Favorable and Optimistic View of Crypto. About 52% of cryptocurrency investors indicated that cryptocurrencies and blockchain will make the financial system fairer.

This is because around 80% of respondents indicated that the current global financial system is unfair, expensive and confusing, and 67% agreed that the system needs a complete overhaul.

What can be done to encourage the use of cryptocurrencies?

To encourage the use of cryptocurrencies, it is important to promote financial education among the public. This includes establishing financial education programs in schools and educating the population on the safe and responsible use of cryptocurrencies.

In addition, governments must put regulations in place to promote the safe use of cryptocurrencies. These rules should include protecting users from fraud and scams, as well as establishing clear transparency in this regard. Lastly, governments must also develop an adequate infrastructure to provide cryptocurrency services to the population.

Example of infrastructure against fraud and scams in Colombia.

This infrastructure must be secure enough to minimize the risk of fraud and scams, and it must also be user-friendly so that users feel comfortable using it. In addition, governments must work with cryptocurrency companies and entrepreneurs to ensure that they obtain the necessary resources and infrastructure for their cryptocurrency projects to develop successfully.

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