Co-founder of Ethereum to abandon cryptocurrencies: “I want to diversify”

Charlie Taylor

Anthony Di Lorio, one of the co-founders of Ethereum, says he plans to leave the cryptocurrency industry because of the increased risk to his personal security.

The billionaire revealed in an interview with Bloomberg that his leading role and fortune attracted unwanted attention, and that his concerns for his family's personal safety soared. “It has a risk profile that I'm not very enthusiastic about,” he said. “I don't necessarily feel safe in this space – if I were focused on bigger issues, I think I would be safer.” crypto projects in progress and wants to sell its leading digital asset company – DeCentral, to focus on other ventures that are not correlated with the cryptocurrency market. “I want to diversify so that I'm not the cryptocurrency guy, but a guy who faces complex problems,” he said, explaining. The businessman also revealed his plans to redirect his wealth and efforts towards a philanthropic project. That's why he joined “Project ARROW” – a Canadian initiative aimed at building the first carbon-free vehicle designed and manufactured in Canada. Di Lorio's involvement with Ethereum – the network that has become the home of many projects interesting ones like decentralized finance (DeFi) and NFTs – paid off even when his Ether token soared. Forbes estimated he had amassed a fortune of up to $1 billion in February 2018, when the price of ETH was at 50% of its current level of $1,827.24, according to CoinGoLive.
Now Vitalik Buterin stands as the only original co-founder still fully focused on Ethereum's blockchain platform.

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