Cloud mining with Libertex Earn portions of Bitcoin for free!


This option is highly attractive for users who want to obtain small portions of Bitcoin without the need to invest in mining equipment or risk their money in the market, since every 4 hours you can receive rewards in Bitcoin directly to your Libertex account.

Libertex allows you to make profits on a regular basis using its cryptominer in the cloud and guarantees you entry to the financial markets without risking anything at all. Do you want to know how it works? Stay until the end and find out!

What is Libertyx?

Libertex has positioned itself as one of the most versatile platforms when it comes to offering exchange services for a large number of assets, becoming present in the market for cryptocurrencies, currencies, stock indices, shares, ETFs, raw materials and more; all with leverage of up to 1:50 for retail account holders and up to 1:600 ​​available for professionals.

It also offers an easy-to-use interface, ideal for both novices and experts. You can also enjoy a wide range of resources such as, relevant news, trading signals, real-time charts and a learning section to develop your knowledge.

Libertex crypto miner!

Libertex is currently available in more than 120 countries and has 2.9 million customers worldwide, who use the platform every day to access the different opportunities that Libertex offers on its platform such as the cryptominer that grants rewards in Bitcoin every 4 hours in a sustainable way.

How does the free crypto miner work?

this option allows you to receive portions of Bitcoin in a sustainable way without the need to invest in mining equipment or hardware equipment since the entire mining process is carried out with Libertex computing resources. Though It is important to note that these rewards must be accumulated up to $10 in BTC in order to be extracted. of the crypto miner.

You will then be able to make a withdrawal and receive your bitcoins within 72 hours of withdrawal. These funds will be in your account as a “trading bonus” and you can use them to open operations in the cryptocurrency market and thus aspire to even greater profitability to finally be able to send your money to an external wallet outside of Libertex.

Steps to start generating free money!

Download the Libertex App and create an account in a few minutes.
Activate the Libertex cryptominer and receive free cryptocurrencies every 4 hours.
Use the mined cryptocurrencies to trade and take advantage of market opportunities to generate profits.


For more information visit their official links on social networks.

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