Cloud-based business system helps companies become more sustainable

Charlie Taylor

Published: May 2, 2022, 1:49 p.m.To become more efficient and achieve clear results in sustainability work, it is important to understand its impact, reduce risks and grow sustainably. By gathering all the data in one solution, on one and the same platform in the cloud – where everything works integrated together – companies can achieve their sustainability goals while saving time and money.Do you want to know more about how IFS and IFS Cloud can support your business for more sustainable growth?As companies and organizations take up the work of improving their environmental performance, they must also review how they can move all processes to more sustainable models. – Few companies today have the whole in place. They usually have islands of different processes, which means that they have gaps in the flow of information. This makes it difficult to make the right decision, says Dan Matthews, technical manager at IFS.

Count and analyze the environmental impact

IFS cloud-based business systems IFS Cloud can help companies deal with the problem. With the support of IFS Cloud, it is possible to gather everything in one place in the cloud and calculate the environmental impact. – This makes it possible for companies to measure and manage their operations in a way that has not been possible before. The flows are already in the systems and our solution allows them to reuse all data and then add up and analyze the environmental impact in the same way as costs are already tracked and analyzed – all the way from purchasing via own production to operation and decommissioning.Dan Matthews, left, is chief technology officer at IFS.Dan Matthews, on the left, is head of technology at IFS. – This will make it easier to make good decisions. It is possible to track compliance so that you can quickly identify any gaps or see where it pays most to optimize processes, review materials or supplier choices and so on. – In addition, our tool IFS Cloud Sustainability Hub makes it possible to collect and compile data for reporting to, for example, investors in a standardized way. Companies can show investors and authorities how they contribute to reducing their environmental impact and increasing their economic and social responsibility, says Dan Matthews.

The sum of the best

IFS has had a strong development both in terms of technology and commercial success. With IFS Cloud, the company is taking another step in that direction. – What we have done is to take functionality and strengths from several of our products and gather them in IFS Cloud. All our class-leading functions are delivered integrated in a single solution, on a common platform – ie not crammed behind a common interface, says Dan Matthews. In other words, IFS ‘cloud platform is the sum of the best the company has to offer. This means that many of the customers who have previously used the company’s products can now review the benefits of moving to IFS Cloud. – A unique feature of IFS Cloud is that you as a customer can choose to run it entirely as a cloud service from us, or in its own cloud or data center. It is normal and also safest to run the solution as a service, but in these uncertain times it can be safe to know that the choice exists and that it is also easy to move between the two alternatives if necessary, says Dan Matthews. – The platform is also easy to use, expand and scale. The implementation is faster and it takes less time until the investment becomes profitable.Read more about IFS CloudThe article is produced by Brand Studio in collaboration with IFS and not an article by Dagens industri

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