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Five tips for succeeding in autumn’s managerial recruitment

Published: October 6, 2022, 11:57 amThe hybrid workplace poses challenges for most workplaces. The key for the manager is about the ability to have faith in his employees. But how do you find the most suitable person to lead a workplace in times of change? Here are the expert tips that save autumn’s key recruitments.Why do so many hires fail with conventional executive recruiting?The hybrid workplace is here to stay and is something managers must take seriously. But this can be experienced as challenging because it requires a greater degree of facilitation for the individual. – For some, it will be nice to have a large degree of flexibility. It can lead to more efficient days at the home office without interruption, and less time for transport to and from the workplace, says Gro Reinertsen, Team Director at Mercuri Urval. At the same time, she emphasizes, the hybrid solution can cause us to lose part of our belonging to the workplace. – The relationships with our colleagues can be weakened when we do not have the informal conversations in the premises that we would otherwise have. It is also more difficult to discover whether the employees are well or not when you do not meet physically. Research shows that it is new hires that often have the biggest challenges. It will be harder to get to know colleagues and there will be less training and mentoring. This can contribute to a lower degree of loyalty to the workplace and lead to employees changing workplaces more quickly. The key for the manager is about the ability to have faith in his employees. Trust is a basis for all cooperation, emphasizes Gro Reinertsen. – If this is missing, it will be very difficult to cooperate and create results together. As leaders, we must facilitate honest and good communication in both directions. Trust is not something you can demand, it is something you have to earn. How do you find the most suitable person to lead a workplace in times of change? – Large parts of today’s working life are in constant change. All managers must be able to adapt and their organizations in line with the changes. We will therefore always look for competence in change, the candidates’ potential and motivation to lead in change. Hiring a new manager is one of the most important things a company does. The result of this work affects the organization both in terms of financial results, efficiency and working environment. Here are Gro Reinertsen’s best tips to ensure a good recruitment process:

1. Invest in continuous work with “Employer Branding”

Skilled candidates often have several options and it is therefore important that employers are aware of how the business makes itself attractive and appears to potential employees. Important aspects are how employees talk about their workplace and not least how one appears in an interview environment. It is important to sell the role in a good and credible way to make the candidates sure that this could be a good choice for them. Similarly, candidates will sell their skills and qualifications.

2. Prepare a well-founded requirements specification

Do a thorough job when the recruitment process starts to ensure you get the leadership skills the business needs in the coming period. Clarify what will face the new manager in the organization when it comes to finances, business opportunities, culture, workforce and sick leave. Clarify expectations for the new manager in line with strategy, challenges and changes in the short and long term. In order to come up with a good requirement specification, it is useful to have conversations with several people and preferably at different levels in the organization to ensure a good anchoring.

3. Agree on a future plan

Allocate sufficient time to the process to ensure availability of the right candidates is good, and the process is carried out in a professional manner with a thorough evaluation of skills, experience and personal qualities. Agree on concrete times for interviews. This ensures the progress you want and creates predictability in the process.

4. Use active search (Executive Search)

This ensures that the right candidates are brought into the process. Our experience shows that many people have to be actively approached to consider changing jobs. The candidates are then identified based on the requirement specification, contacted, motivated for the role and invited into the process. Executive Search can be combined with advertising the position.

5. Conduct a thorough reference check on the candidates

Use evidence-based evaluation of competence and experience to gain insight into what the candidates have done and thus how they can affect results in the short term. how they approach tasks and decisions and how they function socially. If you want external help in the recruitment process, we recommend that you choose advisers who can ensure high quality throughout the process and who work according to research-based principles and with high-quality certified tools.Why do so many hires fail with conventional executive recruiting?The article is produced by Brand Studio in collaboration with Mercuri Urval and not an article by Dagens industri

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