Cid Moreira, aged 93, explains the thesis of investing in Bitcoin

Charlie Taylor

Aiming to clarify Bitcoin once and for all, QR Capital, the largest cryptoactive holding in Brazil, called Cid Moreira, the most unmistakable voice in Brazil, to explain once and for all the thesis of investing in Bitcoin.Last week, Bolsa Brasileira received the first Bitcoin ETF in Latin America. QBTC11, launched by QR Asset Management, asset manager of QR Capital holding, arrived in the country replicating one of the highest Bitcoin indices in the world, the CME CF Bitcoin Reference Rate. The launch further reveals the current period of institutionalization of one of the most disruptive assets available on the market. Whether you like it or not, Bitcoin is here to stay. With an appreciation of more than 300% since the beginning of the pandemic and a total market cap of almost R$3 trillion, Bitcoin has been adopted by more and more veteran investors in the market. Gradually gaining ground, an allocation of up to 5% is becoming the norm for investors' portfolios. Despite the growing popularity, we can say that Bitcoin is still not an asset actually understood by much of the market. Its disruptive nature prevents the analyzes traditionally used by investors from fitting in, thus alienating many due to sheer ignorance of their real thesis. Seeking to solve this problem and explain once and for all. QR Capital called none other than Cid Moreira, owner of the most unmistakable voice in Brazil, to explain Bitcoin's investment thesis to you once and for all. Check out the video below: QR CapitalResponsible for the production of the video, the QR Capital holding, founded in 2018, works directly with assets and initiatives related to cryptoactives and blockchain. With several startups in the sector, such as BBPR, Rispar and Foxbit. Its main company was the protagonist of the ETF launched last week. In addition to launching QBTC11, QR Asset Management is also responsible for several funds already consolidated in the market, such as the 1st 100% Bitcoin fund in the country and the 1st 100% DeFi fund. Reinforcing the pioneering spirit in this market that is still little explored by Brazilian investors. To stay up to date, follow the QR Capital on Instagram and on TwitterContent Cid Moreira at age 93 explains Bitcoin investment thesis first appears in BlockTrends – Blockchain | Investments | Savings.Buy Bitcoin at Coinext
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