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Published: February 22, 2022, 9:00 p.m.Ola Hammarlund, CEO of Gateway Digital. With its headquarters in Pampas Marina, Solna and headquarters in the Netherlands and India, Gateway Digital is a company we in Sweden are, after all, not very familiar with. But the digital guide has for almost 15 years helped Swedish companies and start-ups with innovation and digitization. Now they are investing further in Sweden and doing so by focusing on their golden target group; medium-sized companies. Being at the forefront of its digitalisation is today a must for being a competitive company. With the pandemic, the value of digital solutions has increased further and the need to digitize is greater than ever. Some who notice this are Gateway who help their customers with this journey. – The technology brings lots of opportunities, but to be able to take advantage of these, you need to understand it at the same time as it is at least as important to understand how it is applied in your business, and that is where we come into the picture. We help our customers match this to achieve concrete results, says Ola Hammarlund, CEO of Gateway Digital. A practical and cost-effective solutionGateway’s goal is to drive digital transformation in a practical and affordable way. They do this thanks to their long industry experience and their technical excellence, which is available to over 1,600 employees worldwide. – Today we are a total of seven employees in the Swedish company and over 50 consultants nearshore and offshore who work for our Swedish customers. The new standard has opened up the possibility for companies to not only work with consultants on site, but they can get the same help remotely and also at a significantly better cost, or why not more output, faster, for the same money, Ola Hammarlund explains and continues: – By hiring us, a company can reduce its development and integration costs by up to 50 percent and at the same time have access to the same drive and expertise as before.Flexible, affordable & scalableAs a customer of Gateway Digital, you have access to professional consultants from all over the world. For example, you can have a project manager in your team who works on site in Sweden and who has control of the Swedish market and requirements, but in addition get help from consultants who work remotely. – The larger global companies have long used this type of offshore structure and resource pools, but local medium-sized companies that often sell their products and services on an international market have often not thought of it as a solution until now. Here, corona has clearly driven the development and led to an increased interest in this type of delivery models. – Together with our local and global teams, your company can get a clear digital strategy together with technical knowledge and innovation to drive through the necessary changes required to meet customers’ requirements and expectations, concludes Ola Hammarlund. About Gateway DigitalWith over 20 years of experience, Gateway Digital digitizes your business, increases efficiency and gives your customers, employees and suppliers a world-class experience. Their innovative ability and delivery of sustainable solutions gives you as a customer a competitive advantage, in a market where more and more people see digitalisation as both a prerequisite and a success factor. Read more and get in touch at

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