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Charlie Taylor

Published: March 21, 2022, 10:00 p.m.Giving companies and individuals access to relevant and up-to-date business information data, and in the long run also sustainability data, is important for building trust and financial sustainability in society. Via UC and Allabolag, the Nordic company Enento contributes with just this, to facilitate wise business decisions. Enento’s culture and driving force are characterized by social responsibility. For the past three years, Enento has been offering its customers in the Finnish market an ESG report as an online service, which is now also being developed for Swedish customers. With the report, customers can collect and use ESG data, which in the long run can facilitate both reporting, procurement, customer management and credit processes. The service will be launched on the Swedish market this spring.The right data for good business decisions Enento was established as a credit bureau in Finland in 1905 with the aim of reducing over-indebtedness by providing accurate and relevant credit data as a basis for good business decisions. Enento’s Swedish business UC was founded in the mid-1970s with exactly the same purpose. – We are still driven by the same goal and purpose, ie the societal value of our business is to provide accurate and relevant data that creates trust and contributes to a sustainable economy for companies, individuals and for society at large. We have a close dialogue with banks, consumers and small businesses and focus on meeting the needs of the future by constantly developing new and updated products, says Victoria Preger, Marketing Director Enento Group, which includes UC and Allabolag.Increased pressure on small companies to report sustainabilityIf you look at the development of the outside world, you can see two factors that affect how companies do business today and in the future clearly, partly about the rapid technological development, partly about the clear climate changes of recent years. The issue of sustainability is gaining increasing focus in the banking and finance sector, and today only listed companies are required to report on sustainability. Here, Enento can point out another factor where even smaller companies will need to report their sustainability work in the future, as a result of new EU directives. Finansinspektionen recently announced that it plans to include a sustainability perspective in the review of all business models and credit risks. The decision-makers of the future in both large and small companies will meet a requirement that the sustainability aspect be taken into account in all types of business decisions. Whether it is about authorities or consumers, measurable data always weighs heavier than words. For companies to comply with sustainability plans and build trust, they need to be able to show shareholders, investors and consumers that they are worth investing in and working with.About Enento GroupEnento Group was formed in Tampere, Finland, as early as 1905 and is currently active in Finland under the brands Asiakastieto and Emaileri, in Sweden under the brands UC, Allabolag and Proff, and in Norway and Denmark under the brand Proff. The company has 449 employees and offers credit and business information data to consumers, small businesses, large companies and banks. For more information: * ESG stands for Environmental, Social and Governance. The article is produced by Brand Studio in collaboration with UC and not an article by Dagens industri

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