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The expert: This is how you collect all the data – and increase profitability

Published: March 23, 2023, 8:33 amEverything in the same place, higher efficiency – and increased profitability. Here is the expert’s best advice for lifting the company. – With the right basis, you can make decisions faster and, above all, make the right decisions, says Thomas Falk, CEO of the cloud-based business system Xledger.Get control and an overview of your business with a business system in the cloudHow many systems do you have in your company? One for HR, another for finance, a third for time reporting and a fourth for CRM? – Some don’t want to put all their eggs in one basket, but if you don’t need super-specialized systems for your specific industry vertical, it’s absolutely possible to collect all necessary and relevant data in the same business system, says Thomas Falk and continues: – In cases where you still need different business-critical platforms, I believe in a model where these can talk to each other. Then you have to live with the fact that some parts may not be able to be tailored exactly, but everything is still cloud-based.According to him, have cloud-based business systems in particular have major advantages over other variants: – I speak for myself, but you can always trust the data. You always have the right data and you can access it quickly. We like the word real-time and that’s exactly what you get. We have customers whose closing processes went from seven to eight days to one to two. You can act in a completely different way.Thomas Falk is CEO of the cloud-based business system Xledger.Thomas Falk is CEO of the cloud-based business system Xledger. The digital threat picture against companies and organizations is another argument for cloud-based systems, Falk believes: – There is a lot of talk about security today, rightly so. A true cloud solution has major advantages regarding security. They are powerful hardware systems that basically never go down and we have several high security certifications.In addition, costs are added for security and IT if you yourself are to be responsible for. It is a noticeable item in the expenses that you avoid, he says. Another advantage is that manual accounting work can be automated, Thomas points out: – Many manual processes, such as invoicing, are eliminated. AI can take care of that. Instead, the employees can look at trend analyses, understand the business better and ultimately have a more efficient company, he says and adds: – It is difficult to put exact numbers, but we have customers who have been able to reduce their costs by 20-30 percent within these areas thanks to the automation.In the end, the choice boils down of business systems down to kroner and ören – there Xledger has additional advantages over others, says Falk: – It is the advantages of the scale that decide. You get everything in the same database, a high degree of automation and AI, it’s easy to create insights and reports. It is a modern and highly efficient system with an honest business model, you only pay for what you use. And if you need to scale up or down, it’s easy to solve. Why do companies choose Xledger’s system, do you think? – When we ask new customers about the reasons for changing systems, three main arguments almost always come back: Efficiency, digitization, modernization. Next, many list cost and security. Personally, I think all the points sum up what Xledger wants to stand for.All in one system – read more about Xledger here

This is Xledger

– Founded in 1996 by three Norwegians, who still own the entire company. Has a presence in five countries: Norway, Sweden, Finland, Great Britain and the USA. It has just over 10,000 customers with over 100,000 users with operations in more than 60 countries. – Xledger is a 100% cloud-based business system that offers a comprehensive solution in, for example, accounting, reporting, budgeting and analysis. The subsystems within Xledger are fully integrated with each other. – The basics of the system are the automation of financial processes via AI, insight in real time via Business Intelligence tools and scalability with the possibility to grow without new costs. – Thanks to the cloud solution, the cost of the system is significantly lower than for traditional systems with equivalent functionality. – Because the system is true cloud, all users work globally in the same version. Free updates take place automatically several times a year.- Xledger users always have access to the business’s key figures in real time, regardless of where in the world they are.- All data in Xledger is protected by the security certification IS0 27001, which meets the market’s highest requirements for data security. Xledger also meets ISAE3402 standard. In addition, support for, for example, defined user roles, two-factor authentication and password checking is included. The article is produced by Brand Studio in collaboration with Xledger and not an article by Dagens industri

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