To separate means that you share what you bought together, e.g. the bed and the home, but if you have children, you also have these to "share". But I can not divide the children into two parts, but here the parents must find solutions, even if they think that theContinue Reading

The answer is as simple as it is difficult, through good preparation. It is important that the lawyer and the client meet before a hearing to really go through what is going to happen and what conditions apply. Sometimes I meet a client who wants to choose the evidence thatContinue Reading

What is the removal of probation? Probation is a sanction that seeks to reduce the risk that the convicted person will continue to commit crimes. The person sentenced to probation is under supervision for one year and must then meet a supervisor regularly. A probation officer also has a probationaryContinue Reading

Provocation – what is it? There is a provision in the Penal Code that you can reduce the punishment for someone who has been provoked by someone else's obviously abusive behavior. According to 29: 3 p. 1 BrB, it shall constitute an attenuating circumstance in the assessment of the criminalContinue Reading

Crime and punishment Animal cruelty is a crime that is defined as follows in ch. Section 13 of the Criminal Code. "If anyone intentionally or through gross negligence, through abuse, overexertion or negligence or otherwise, unfairly exposes animals to suffering, is sentenced for animal cruelty to a fine or imprisonmentContinue Reading

PHOTO: BILDBYRÅN Jules Koundé has been linked with several clubs during the spring and summer. Now he is said to have nobbed Tottenham, this despite the fact that Spurs would completely agree with Sevilla on a transfer. Tottenham and Sevilla have completely agreed on a move for Jules Koundé thisContinue Reading

Static Code Analysis Tools is an umbrella term for software that analyzes code without executing it. Static security analyses are conducted before the code is executed, or run-time analysis. Most static source code analysis tools can be used on either source code or binary files (compiled). The most important benefitContinue Reading