Victim of crime?

Think about this! When that happens that is not really allowed to happen, when you are the victim of a crime, then there are some things you can do to make it easier to get a perpetrator convicted. Sign up unless the police become aware of what has happened, theyContinue Reading

The Private Rental Act or the Rent Act?

Rent When renting out or renting an apartment for residential purposes, either ch. 12 applies. JB, the s.k. the Rent Act, or the Private Rental Act, ie. the law (2012: 978) on renting out one's own home. Here we will discuss in which cases which of the laws are applicable.Continue Reading

Are you a player who needs help with negotiations and signing contracts?Do you need help with sponsorship agreements for yourself or the association? Sports in Sweden is by far our largest and most vibrant popular movement, supported by most associations. Today, there are about 19,000 associations spread all over theContinue Reading

Restrictions on detention times Sweden has repeatedly for many years received criticism regarding long detention periods from e.g. The UN Committee against Torture and the Council of Europe Special Committee against Torture and Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment. The criticism has particularly been about long detention periods for youngContinue Reading

How to calculate the daily fine? Daily fines are probably the most common type of punishment imposed in Sweden. To impose a daily fine, a fine shall be included in the penalty scale for the crime. It must therefore be stated that a fine is a sanction for the crimeContinue Reading

To separate means that you share what you bought together, e.g. the bed and the home, but if you have children, you also have these to "share". But I can not divide the children into two parts, but here the parents must find solutions, even if they think that theContinue Reading

The answer is as simple as it is difficult, through good preparation. It is important that the lawyer and the client meet before a hearing to really go through what is going to happen and what conditions apply. Sometimes I meet a client who wants to choose the evidence thatContinue Reading

What is the removal of probation? Probation is a sanction that seeks to reduce the risk that the convicted person will continue to commit crimes. The person sentenced to probation is under supervision for one year and must then meet a supervisor regularly. A probation officer also has a probationaryContinue Reading