It was quick but very profitable. O Bitcoin, which suffered fall after fall last month, has just touched the mark of the BRL 200,000 after 11% lightning discharge in just 24 hours. The movement, which was driven by news linked to the interests of Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos, hasContinue Reading

Whale eating Bitcoin. Bitcoin Whales are considered market players with significant funds that are able to move the cryptocurrency market.Yesterday (28), some wallets moved a sum of about US$ 2.74 billion in Bitcoin (BTC) in an interval of approximately 14 minutes. These voluminous cryptocurrency transfers were initially detected by theContinue Reading

Gemini, the company that holds the custody of the QBTC11 bitcoin ETF, announced its anti-climate change initiative, Gemini Green. Gemini, an exchange founded by the Winklevoss brothers, announced its long-term initiative to combat climate change, Gemini Green. Gemini Green focuses on the energy consumption of the Bitcoin Network, seeking toContinue Reading

BITH11 is B3's first green bitcoin ETF. In addition to being an asset of great technological importance, Bitcoin is now considered by many as a potential store of value. Its predictable monetary base, the security of its decentralized network and the fact that it is an uncorrelated asset from otherContinue Reading

New weight of powdered milk packaging: from 800g to 750g, a reduction of 6.3% (years ago, the same packaging contained 1000g (1kg). Other products still have the original version, but they are increasingly investing in offering options smaller to supposedly have a more affordable price.Look at the size of thisContinue Reading