Cardano will have its own ZK-Rollups, design revealed


Orbis, the first scaling solution for Cardano (ADA) that is configured to take advantage of zk-rollups, presents its design and roadmap.

The Cardano DeFi ecosystem (ADA) will have its own scalability solution that moves calculations off-chain to reduce pressure on the Cardano mainnet.

Cardano and zk-rollups: What is Orbis?

The team at Orbis, an early-stage Cardano scaling solution, has posted a funding request on Project Catalyst’s Ideascale platform. According to the document, the Orbis product has every chance to significantly improve the performance and development experience of Cardano.

As with other zk-based solutions, transactions on Orbis will be done off-chain and then transmitted to the Cardano mainnet via a resource-efficient mechanism.

The protocol is configured to use zkSNARK (Succinct, Non-Interactive Argument of Knowledge), a type of zero-knowledge proof that does not require two-way interaction between on-chain and off-chain modules.

According to the release, the team is requesting $1 million in funding to develop and launch Orbis on Cardano (ADA).

ZCash Halo Protocol Will Boost Cardano Yield

The protocol team is led by Ryan Matovu, one of the founders of Ardana, which is Cardano’s first DeFi and stablecoin hub. As previously covered by U.Today, Ardana made headlines with its Cardano-Near decentralized bridge.

Cardano’s Orbis will leverage Halo 2, a technology developed and tested by the leading privacy-focused blockchain ZCash (ZEC).

The Orbis ecosystem will be highly scalable: it will even allow users to build Layer 3 solutions on top of it.

As we covered earlier, Cardano’s community incubator, Project Catalyst, is the largest support initiative for Cardano-centric early-stage products.

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