Cardano launches new products that could finally boost the price of ADA


Cardano’s large DeFi ecosystem continues to expand and The launch of Optim Finance (OTM), a yield generator for the Cardano blockchain, has recently been announced. Are you a Cardano follower? Stay until the end and discover all the details!

Optim himself announced through his Twitter account that the launch will take place on December 9 of this year, in which he invited the community of crypto enthusiasts and Cardano followers to stay tuned for the latest updates on the project.

What can Optim Finance offer on the Cardano network?

Optim’s “SPO Liquidity Bonds” product, which launched on testnet in October, will power new use cases in the Cardano ecosystem. This includes SPO loans, leverage on ISOs and Initial Fundraising Bond Offerings.

According to Optim, this product may offer the possibility to users of rent ADA delegation rights and allow stakepool operators (SPOs) to borrow these rightss plus your rewards for a fixed period.

This will effectively address the challenge new SPOs face in sourcing new sources to attract delegators and thus helping to further decentralize the Cardano blockchain.

“With Optim’s SPO Bonds, small SPOs can borrow profitable liquidity from a group of market participants to jump-start ADA delegation during the early stages of their operation. Therefore, SPOs can consistently mint blocks while offering a competitive staking APR.”

Meanwhile, the SPO Liquidity Bonds product isn’t Optim’s only flagship offering. The protocol claims to offer Real World Assets (RWA) vaults, Strategy Vaults, and Structured Products.

In conclusion.

The chain of blocks Cardano has recently become the ecosystem with the most development work todaybeing the DeFi space one of the key sources for the expansion of this powerful network; Optim Finance will be the 14th DeFi protocol to launch in the Cardano ecosystem in 2022 which expects to continue growing and favor the growth of the ADA token.

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