Cardano fans attack journalist who revealed lies told by the coin’s creator

Charlie Taylor

Some fanatics of the Cardano cryptocurrency (ADA) and its creator, Charles Hoskinson, are promoting misogynistic attacks on journalist Laura Shin after the publication of the book The Cryptopians. Shin’s work details the creation of Ethereum, from Vitalik Buterin’s first visions to the biggest hack in cryptocurrency history. The book also goes into detail about the other founders of Ethereum, among them Charles Hoskinson. The controversial figure of Hoskinson is exposed in Shin’s book, based on accounts from more than 200 people the journalist interviewed during the years she studied Ethereum’s history. The first time Hoskinson was pronounced about the book, she compared it to fantasy works like Game of Thrones and Lord of the Rings. “A great work of fiction. Tough market to beat George RR Martin and Tolkien, but we wish her the best.” Shin soon counterattacked, responding to him: “Charles, speaking of fiction, do you want to address the discrepancies between your claims of dropping out of a doctoral program and the universities’ claims that you were enrolled as an undergraduate?”

The journalist linked in the message the evidence of his accusations, including old tweets in which he said he did not complete the alleged doctorate, when in fact he did not even complete the degrees he says he has, as an excerpt from The Cryptopians shows: “Metropolitan State University of Denver, which does not have a graduate math program, said he enrolled part-time in math majors from 2006 to 2008 and again from 2012 to 2014, and the University of Colorado, Boulder, said he studied math part-time for four semesters from spring 2009 to fall 2011. He never graduated from either.” The false information about the formation of Cardano’s creator surprised the crypto community, especially for the “academic” profile that Hoskinson has always tried to convey. “At this point, can we trust anything Charles has to say, because over and over again, he’s shown to be unreliable? There’s nothing wrong with not having a degree; however, lying or stretching the truth in such a space where people are seen as ‘experts in their fields’ is appalling,” wrote user wee_d in a viral post on Reddit.

Harassment of journalist takes big proportions

It was the inconsistencies about Hoskinson’s background shown in the book that motivated the wave of attacks on Laura Shin on social media, denounced by him this Friday (11) on Twitter. One of the messages he received in private from a user named “Braden” reads as follows: “You are genuinely ugly as fuck, I can’t say if it’s aging or if you’ve really lost your luck with it. genetics. […] His work ethic and ability are shown directly by his readers; nobody supports you. You are an antagonistic shit reporter who thrives on the reaction/attention received after writing these shitty articles.” “You are followed by Brian Armstrong [CEO da Coinbase] — I thought I would put a little more effort into pretending to know about Crypto.” The hate messages crossed the line and Shin made his displeasure clear on Twitter. “Sorry Cardano, but this isn’t cool — and these aren’t even all the messages,” stated. Laura Shin is currently one of the most respected reporters in the industry. She worked for years as a senior editor at Forbes, but decided to abandon her “traditional” career to become the first mainstream journalist to cover cryptocurrencies full-time.

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