Cardano (ADA) will postpone Vasil hard fork due to bugs found


The development team behind the hard fork Vasil for the Cardano network has published a blog post about the upgrade. According to input out global (IOHK), the Vasil update will no longer be carried out this month.

Rather, it has been rescheduled for next month. According to the blog post on the matter, the team decided to postpone the update during last Friday’s evaluation call. On Monday, the team took stock of their progress so far regarding the update. However, it discovered as many as seven errors after testing.

Although the team of Cardan (ADA) declared that the errors were not serious, he decided not to take any chances. Therefore, they decided that the best option was to postpone the deployment of the hard fork proposal to the public testnet on Monday as planned.

IOHK sets new date for testnet and mainnet deployment

While the IOHK discovered seven errors, it also said it plans to carry out other checks. The team wants to make sure that nothing related to the update is left to chance. Therefore, the team has reserved this end of the month as the new date for the public testnet of this update.

The IOHK team further said that it plans to implement the main network of the hard fork Vasil live by the end of next month. However, he notes that the date would not change unless the exchanges do not complete all major integrations.

Part of the IOHK announcement He says:

Today, the IOHK and the Cardano Foundation have chosen the end of June as the new date for the hard fork testnet. Then, four weeks after that date, we expect all exchanges and staking pool operators (SPOs) to have completed the necessary testing and integration work. Therefore, we assume that the Cardano mainnet hard fork should occur in the last week of next month.

Working on a seamless implementation

It is important to note that the IOHK development team strives to ensure that there are no problems during the implementation of the hard fork. One of the efforts it has launched was to hire 35 developers from 27 other projects.

These developers are testing various decentralized applications (DApps) to discover possible bugs with the hard fork Vasil. 16 SPOs and major API providers such as Blockfrost provide support for Vasil implementation.

The main goal of this update is to smooth the operation of operations within the Cardano network. Some important features that the update is expected to add to the network include increased speed, improved scalability, and smart contract features.

The team doesn’t bother with criticism

The discovery of some minor bugs by the IOHK team caused them to delay the implementation of the Vasil mainnet until next month end. The IOHK team has been heavily criticized by many industry players for constantly delaying the implementation of this update.

However, the team has stated that such criticism does not bother them. According to them, their goal is to ensure that the update is successful. Additionally, users can start using these new features without fear of hackers gaining access to their accounts.

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