Business students go to the Ukrainian border

Charlie Taylor

Four students from the Stockholm School of Economics will travel 1,860 kilometers to help Ukrainian refugees. With them are 2,000 bags – filled with supplies to help children and women fleeing the war.Published: March 1, 2022, 20:58Victor White is one of the initiators behind the project. He says that the idea was born when he read on Instagram about a Ukrainian medical student who will not be able to graduate this summer due to the war. “I felt I needed to do something,” he says. Victor White says that over 100 students at the School of Business have helped in various ways. The plan is to drive a truck the entire distance from the Stockholm School of Economics to the Ukrainian border in Poland – in one go. A journey that is expected to take over 20 hours. “Two professional truck drivers drive down the truck, while we are driving in a car.” The students chose the Polish border town of Medyka, as many refugees are looking for it. “I saw that the queuing times at the Medica border were 75 hours, so there are a lot of people there who need help,” says Victor White. Through a friend Victor White managed to get in touch with the logistics company Tornfrakt, which could help with trucks and drivers. In total, the students estimate that the trip will cost SEK 100,000. So far, the students have received SEK 30,000, and need another SEK 20,000 – to cover the initial cost of the truck. “The cost covers fuel, customs and wages. Neither we nor Tornfrakt make a profit on this, and if we do not receive the last SEK 20,000 before the deadline on Wednesday, we will go in and pay it privately “, says Victor White. The emergency bags contain articles aimed at children and women. Tampons, gruel and fluid replacement are some examples. When all 2,000 emergency bags have been distributed, something the students estimate will take about four hours, they will go back to Sweden. ”It’s a lot about risk. Once we have an empty truck and have to leave, in an area where people are suffering and their lives have been ruined, it can be very emotional. That is why we must work efficiently, and within a clear framework. And it is mainly for us to make it as safe as possible – we must not forget that it is an ongoing conflict “, says Victor White. Victor White.Photo: Jack MikrutDo you want to follow The students’ journey can be made via their Instagram account UnitedStudentSSE. “We will document as much as possible via Instagram, and show how people at the border feel,” says Anders Grandien, one of the students who goes to Poland. The students say that the initiative is not about taking a political stand – but about helping refugees in need, with a focus on women and children. According to the UNHCR, at the time of writing, more than 700,000 Ukrainians are on the run outside Ukraine, and many are looking for Poland. A large proportion of the refugees are women and children, as Ukrainian men between the ages of 18 and 60 are not allowed to leave the country. Now the students hope that the business community and Stockholmers join up and help. In addition to the opportunity to swish any amount, you can come to the Stockholm School of Economics on Wednesday evening and donate supplies that can be used in Poland.

Supplies you can contribute with:

DiapersTamponsCotton padsOatlyEnergy barsToothbrush / toothpasteWaterBreadLiquid replacementFirst aid kitBlanketsCloth bag in which things can lie Where? Sveavägen 65, outside the School of Business. When? Wednesday, March 2 between 16.00 and 21.00. Jakob Gromer

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