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Brf rebuilds several houses – expected to save millions

Published: November 28, 2022, 1:43 p.m. Updated: November 28, 2022, 1:55 p.m.Ingemarie Ekblad and Lars Aronsson. Fifty-year-old windows were to be replaced, but the condominium association in Värnamo could not afford it. Riksbyggen instead presented several comprehensive energy measures that should reduce both costs and climate impact in the long term. – At first it felt overwhelming, but today we are patting ourselves on the back, says Ingemarie Ekblad, chairman of Brf Rörestorpshus 2. Time to rebuild or renovate? Read more here.Right now, construction scaffolding is standing around several of the twelve houses that are part of the condominium association in Värnamo. Since the work started last spring, 180 of the 201 apartments have received new windows. – There have long been complaints that the old windows release heat. But those of us who have managed to get new windows already notice a big difference. Now it’s warm and nice, says Lars Aronsson, a member of the board who has lived in the association since 1973.

“A spark was lit”

Window replacements are just one of the measures underway. This winter, work begins with a major roof renovation and in connection with this, Brf Rörestorpshus 2 will also have solar cells installed. In addition, a new fan system will ensure that heat is recycled and goes back into the houses. But this is just the beginning of the association’s major investment, which is being made together with Riksbyggen. – When project manager Daniel Nylund from Riksbyggen first told us about everything we could do, it felt overwhelming. “What is he talking about?”. We thought that this would cost a lot of money and that the members would be worried. But quite soon a spark was lit, we saw that we would save a lot of money, both in the long and short term, says Ingemarie. Since then, Riksbyggen, which handles the administration, has built up a great deal of trust with the condominium association. When the decision was hammered out in April, the work started immediately and since then the members have been offered a great deal of insight – and given the opportunity to ask questions – in every step that is taken. – When we look ahead, it feels incredibly good that we are making this investment. Despite everything we get for the money, it is only about a “normal” annual fee increase of 1.5 percent, says Ingemarie.

Government support contributes to green investment

In total, the investment is about SEK 80 million. But then 30 million is government support for energy efficiency based on the size of the association and the savings measures Brf Rörestorpshus 2 has chosen to do. In addition to the measures mentioned above, it is also about Riksbyggen’s Energy Management service, which means that energy engineers analyze and optimize properties with the help of, among other things, AI technology. – It is very gratifying that our nationwide offer Energy Management results in projects such as the rebuilding of Brf Rörestorpshus 2. In the service included is that we carry out an energy investigation where we propose and help the customer carry out energy investments. It is the combination of various measures and continuous analysis and optimization that gives maximum effect, says Göran Danling, business developer energy services at Riksbyggen.

Reduces Co2 emissions

For the condominium association in Värnamo, the schedule is on track and everything is expected to be ready in about a year. Ingemarie and Lars say that they feel a great sense of pride, not least considering that their association reduces the climate footprint. In addition to the fact that the measures are expected to reduce the association’s annual costs by approximately SEK 1.1 million, carbon dioxide emissions are also reduced by 129 tons per year. – We would really recommend other condominium associations to make similar investments and to apply for the government grant. They are welcome to visit us when everything is in place, says Lars.Read more about Riksbyggen’s energy services

Here are the energy saving measures Brf Rörestorpshus implements

Recovery of energy in exhaust air. Change roof. Installation of solar cells. Change window. Disconnection of old hot water culvert and change to individual district heating connections. Renovation of heating system incl. replacement of all radiators. New drainage and insulation of basement walls. Connection to superior operation monitoring system. future direct current grid and distribution of produced solar electricity between the buildings. All measures together with Riksbyggen’s Energy Management service mean that the energy performance is estimated to decrease from 127 kWh per square meter to 69 kWh/m2. The article is produced by Brand Studio in collaboration with Riksbyggen and not an article by Dagens industri

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