Brazilian Trader Wall Street Ogre Angry at IQ Option: "I'll Block Who Defenders"

Charlie Taylor

Known as the Wall Street Ogre, former Brazilian trader André Machado promised last Wednesday (28) on Instagram to 'cancel' the follower — say “binary options trader” — who goes until his profile defends the type trading, more precisely what the IQ Option offers. Armed with prints of excerpts from an article about the IQ Option, published by Bitcoin Portal last year, he fired off: "I'm going to block anyone who continues to defend this drug (literally) here." Earlier, Machado reported that this is not the first time this has happened and suggested that they respect his history in the stock market: “Please don't belittle my intelligence with pro-OB arguments. If you operate 'crack', and say you make money, I'll give you the right to doubt. But don't come here to question my negative opinion about it. Just stop following me,” warned the trade. Wall Street Ogre added yet another criticism, condemning the fake traders he has in droves on social media — where many of them are course sellers who barely know how to trade. “This profile is that of a professional trader and serious educator”. It is not a profile like the thousands of Instagram profiles, disguised as 'traders' profiles, but with the sole purpose of enticing the unwary to steal their money”, he concluded.

trader bought bitcoin

In February this year, Machado made a point of disclosing his first purchase of bitcoin. At the time, he bought around 0.13 BTC, at the value of R$ 34,000. And even ́ joked in the post. “I was finally contaminated by COVID-BTC! But in the 8 seconds, the time the transaction took, I've already lost R$100.00!!! What the fuck is this?!?!” he wrote, referring to the natural oscillation of the cryptocurrency. If Ogro kept the assets, he must be a little at a loss, as 0.13 BTC on this date is worth around R$27 thousand.

Why Wall Street Ogre?

André Machado is a founding partner of the ‘Os 10%’ Project, for training traders. The nickname “Wall Street Ogre”, he earned for his insensitive style of interacting with other investors, says an InfoMoney article published in 2016. According to the publication, Machado abandoned a successful career he had had at Microsoft in 2002, to fall headlong into the stock market. And it was on the stock exchange that he achieved his financial independence, but it cost him dearly — because he lived through “heaven and hell” in the market”, says the article.

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