Brazil imported BRL 23.3 billion in cryptocurrencies this year show data from the Central Bank

Brazilians have already bought nearly R$ 23.3 billion in cryptocurrencies this year. The data was released by the Central Bank in a report on Friday (14) and the numbers were presented in dollars, totaling US$ 4.270 billion since January.

In August, the purchase value was US$ 496 million. The purchase of cryptoactives reached its peak in May, when Brazilians bought US$ 756 million.

Since then these numbers have been falling (US$695 million in June and US$583 million in July), but they are still much higher than what was seen at the beginning of the year: in February cryptoactive purchases were US$386 million and in March, $357 million.

See below the numbers (underlined in yellow) of the purchase of cryptoactives by Brazilians since January (values in dollars):

Bacen external accounts report

one-hand flow

The BC's director of monetary policy, Bruno Serra, said on Friday (15) that Brazilian investments in cryptoactives abroad are potentially three times greater than in American shares.

The executive points out that there is a potential to reach R$ 50 billion in cryptoactives purchased by Brazilians.

But Serra, who spoke in a videoconference organized by the company Upon Global, made a reservation: “It's a one-way flow. Due to the cost of energy, Brazil does not produce cryptoactives, it is just an importer”.

Cryptoactives enter BC balance sheets

In August was the first time that the Central Bank of Brazil on import and export of cryptoactives in external sector statistics.

On the occasion, BC president Roberto Campos Neto said at the time that “a great increase in demand for cryptocurrencies was taking place,” when he participated in a meeting of the FGV's National Financial System (Neasf) study group.

Campos Neto said that at that time there were around US$ 40 billion (R$ 209 billion) in cryptocurrencies in the hands of Brazilian citizens.

peak in may

BC import data confirm that May was the month with the largest purchase in Brazil, with R$ 4.127 billion in cryptocurrencies entering the country (values adjusted to the current dollar exchange rate).

That month, the Brazilian market broke a record by trading R$ 826 million in bitcoin in a single day.

BC's view on cryptoactives

As of August of this year, the transfer of ownership of cryptoactives between residents and non-residents began to be disclosed by the BC in the balance of payments account.

Following a methodological recommendation from the IMF, the Central Bank understands cryptocurrencies as goods (non-financial and produced assets), in such a way that they need to be registered in external sector statistics. Because there are no customs records for cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, they are not included in commodity statistics.

Transactions with cryptoactives are estimated based on foreign exchange contracts — a legal instrument that records the negotiation between buyer and seller of foreign currency, following the requirements of the Central Bank.

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