Blockchain tokenized properties reach R$155 million

Charlie Taylor

For the first time, blockchain tokenized properties exceeded R$150 million in properties, according to a Security Token Market Real Estate report published in July 2022 by Security Token Market (STM). The marketcap of the real estate market reached US$31 million according to, with several properties and companies coming into the sector. $21 million tokenized. The Aspen Resort is a luxury hotel that offers the Aspen Coin, a currency that gives many benefits to the owners. One of the top companies working in the industry is RealT, which allows you to invest in properties for less than $50. RealT tokens can be traded on the Uniswap decentralized exchange and payments are made in scheduled stablecoin xDai, renters pay in stablecoins such as USDC and TUSD.Blockchain tokenized propertyHome tokenized by RealIT

Possibilities of the blockchain real estate market

According to data analytics firm MSCI, the real estate market has an estimated total marketcap of $10.5 trillion, the number is 60% larger than the size in 2010. The integration between blockchain and this huge market opens up several opportunities , such as creating yield farming for property shareholders, tenant-specific currencies, and even instant loans based on smart contracts on the value of each token. real estate or with your home, just use a percentage of it to get an auto loan guaranteed by the token. The transaction costs with bureaucracy are reduced and there is even the possibility of creating a new industry just for constant and efficient evaluation of the value of tokenized houses and apartments. Despite the opportunities, the legal aspect for the creation of new instruments is challenging, since there is no specific legislation – creating risks for those who want to start an enterprise in the area.

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