Blockchain gaming generates more fees than Bitcoin and Ethereum combined

Charlie Taylor

Bigger than the music and movie industry combined, the game industry shows its weight in the cryptocurrency market, breaking records and moving millions of “crypto-dollars”. At the top of the most played games that use blockchain is Axie Infinity, a game we talked about in live Blockchain and NFT games | Satoshi Connection #34 and is an addictive mix of turn battle with card game and pokemon. According to data from Token Terminal, only the 4.25% “Market” and “breeding fee” used to trade and multiply characters surpassed the fees charged by the ethereum and bitcoin network in the last 7 days.

Blockchain game exceeds bitcoin and ethereum in collected rates

In recent days it has been possible to create preferred Bitcoin transactions for less than R$5.00 or 1/satoshi per byte, with this, the miners' revenue through fees fell to US$5.1 million, while Ethereum had more network activity and reached US$30.2 million in fees. Even if combined, ethereum and bitcoin did not exceed the fees collected in the game Axie Infinity, which raised a staggering 35.8 million dollars in 7 days.Token Terminal rates from different networksFees collected by projectAxie Infinity  uses the Ethereum blockchain, however, the developers have created their own scalability solution called Ronin, supporting cheaper and faster transactions. With such adoption, gameplay servers are experiencing instabilities. But that didn't stop the two main currencies of the game (AXS and SLP) from moving a volume in excess of 125 million dollars in the last 24 hours. Want to learn more about blockchain games? We've been talking about them since 2017, see other articles: See also the interview with the gamer who earns more than R$2 thousand per week with blockchain games:

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