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There are a number of ways that you can reward yourself as you play Blackout Bingo. Winning or losing, you earn Ticketz, or virtual currency that you can use to make purchases. You also earn Z tokens for every win. Ticketz can be earned for completing a practice round, playing one game or multiple games. As you play, you’ll earn different levels of Ticketz, from Bronze to Silver to Black.

Bonus cash

Blackout Bingo is a free-to-play app that lets you earn bonus cash by playing games. There’s no up-fee to play the game and no in-game ads. It’s not an alternative to a full-time job, but if you’re looking to make a few dollars each day, this is the game for you. Josh graduated from college in 2008 with $50k in student loans. After working for seven years in the transportation industry, he decided to make some extra cash to pay off his debts.

There are two ways to earn bonus cash in Blackout Bingo: by playing for free and by acquiring enough in-game money to play real-money games. The first method involves searching Subreddit. This site is a hub for gamers who discuss the game and money. Several codes can be found in the discussion boards. These codes are legitimate and apply to purchases, so you should be able to find them easily.


When you play Blackout Bingo, you’ll earn points for every win. You’ll also need z tokens to compete for prizes. Each time you win, you can share the code with new players, and the first person you refer will receive bonus cash. You can earn extra points for correct daubs, multiple Bingos, and hitting bonus spots. Blackout Bingo is the perfect game to practice your skills against your friends before playing for real cash.

Rules of blackout bingo


The game features multiple game modes and tiers in each. You can choose to play for cash or skillz cash. In addition to playing cash games, you can purchase rewards and cash prizes in the Shop area. The League section lets you check your ranking in the current season and the number of medals you have earned. If you’d like to learn more about the Leagues, you can download the Blackout Bingo app for Android.

In addition to cash prizes, Blackout Bingo offers games that earn z coins. Bonus cash rounds have higher prize payouts and require real-world money to play. The easiest way to earn bonus cash is to play with real money. The game uses GPS technology to track your location. After you’ve accumulated enough zTokens, you can compete for prizes, such as merchandise and gift cards. However, if you’re not the type of player to win cash prizes, you may not be interested in earning money by playing.


If you enjoy playing free online games, Blackout Bingo may be just the place for you. Blackout Bingo offers various promo codes to its customers. To claim these codes, players should sign up for the website and follow a tutorial to learn the basics of playing the game. Then, they can access any menu and redeem the promo code at a time of their choosing. They can win a $100 cash prize by simply referring a friend to the website.

To register on Blackout Bingo, first, you should visit their official website and scan the QR code. Once the registration process is complete, download the Blackout Bingo Skillz application to earn a $10 bonus. Make sure not to use the app store to search for the application since there are many fake versions. It is useless to download those apps if you are not sure whether or not you are of legal age. There are also other ways to earn real money through Blackout Bingo.

Free games

You may not have considered trying your luck at Blackout Bingo free games before. This online casino has many game types, each with their own specific rules and prizes. In addition, you can practice before you play for real money by selecting the free games option. Despite the fact that Blackout bingo free games are free, you should consider registering for an account before spending real money. The reason is simple: Blackout Bingo gives you the opportunity to practice before you play for cash.

The game is easy to learn, with two-minute games. You’ll see a new ball appear every few seconds. Tapping on the number before the next number is called will earn you bonuses. The goal of the game is to collect as many bingos on a five by five game card. Once you’ve won a game, the Bingo button will turn gold, and you can claim bonus points by tapping on it.

Inactivity fee

If you’re bored with free games, you might consider checking out Blackout Bingo. You can play for free or you can make a real-money deposit to gain access to the cash games and more competitive game modes. You can even earn cash in the app by earning z coins. The app has thousands of positive reviews and is currently the third most popular casino game in the App Store. The graphics and gameplay are impressive and it has a low inactivity fee.

This game has several different game options and several different tiers within each game. You can play cash games or free games in different brackets. Prize amounts and gameplay features are subject to change. However, this does not mean that Blackout Bingo isn’t worth the try. The promo code to use for Blackout Bingo is “2PlayFree” and gives you a $10 free bonus on your first deposit. Inactivity fees are only charged if you’ve been inactive for a month.

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