BitQT APP Review 🥇- Legit or Scam? Live Results

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This is an automatic bot that allows you to trade cryptocurrencies. According to several reviews online, it has excellent earning potential. The website claims that the win rate is around 99%. However, online reviews report rates closer to 88%. If you have spent time mining or trading cryptocurrencies before, you may have seen advertisements for bots. While some of them are legitimate, many are not. We will cover the most important aspects of Bitqt for you to consider to draw your own conclusion. However, our conclusion is that it is a legitimate bot service and has a decent win rate. Other reviews online support this position as well. Also, it has several useful features. For these reasons, we give it two thumbs up.

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Bitqt History

Like many crypto bots, Bitqt is fairly new. However, it has been around for about two years, which is longer than many bots have existed. For nearly any type of online business, being in existence for more than a year is a good sign of legitimacy. Bitqt was formed by several established brokers. They designed it to stay ahead of the markets by a split second, which allows it to conduct quicker trades than most of the robots in use today. The brokers had a vision to make a platform that mimicked the abilities of a skilled trader but was simple enough for an average person to use comfortably. Perhaps this is why the platform has so many positive reviews that mention it being a good choice for beginners.

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How to Use Bitqt


One of the reasons why we rate this bot service highly is its ease of use. You will not have to spend a lot of time trying to learn technical terms. To register, you simply follow the prompts on the website. You must submit your legal name, email address and a few other contact details. After this, the program will prompt you to deposit funds. The minimum recommended investment is $250. You can use U.S. dollars or euros.

Before you begin trading with real money, we recommend trying the demo that is available. In demo mode, you have $1,500 as a balance. You can test the features and get comfortable with them without having to lose a dime. However, anything that you win from the demo balance is not redeemable as real money. Think of it as a pretend balance.

Bitqt Transactions

This trading platform has deposit features that are easy to use. You also have several choices for how you can deposit money. You can use the following:



Major credit cards

In addition to Visa and Mastercard, the site accepts Discover and American Express. Deposits are credited quickly to your account, and you can go directly to a trading room afterward. Although the platform is named for the hottest cryptocurrency in history, you can also trade with Litecoin, Ethereum and Ripple.

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Bitqt Trading Features

As mentioned before, the demo mode is a useful feature for first-time cryptocurrency traders. You can start trading by designating pairs and specific numbers of trades, and these can be performed simultaneously. When you have your settings how you want them, you can hit the “auto trade” button to start the live process.

Control Panel

The control panel receives good ratings from reviewers. On the panel, you can access the settings to your account. You can view your current trades and see their progress. Additionally, you can adjust the robot’s behavior with several customization settings. As you become more comfortable with the robot’s actions and your own preferences, it will be easier for you to choose the rules that you want. You can adjust them again as often as you wish. You will find that your preferences will change over time, which makes this an especially useful feature in the future.

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Open Transaction

There is an open transaction feature, which gives you the ability to view operations. This is helpful when you want to analyze the Bitqt robot’s performance as it is in action. With real-time monitoring, you have a greater ability to analyze what the bot is doing and why. This is one of the ways that you can learn more about markets from the software.


Trading history is another feature that reviewers like. You can use the software to see your past trades. As you become an experienced trader, this information will be valuable to you to show you trends. You may use it to help determine how to adjust the robot’s behaviors or your rules. Also, you will learn more about market behavior and what to expect as you become more experienced.


Another useful site feature is language choice. If you prefer to view the site content in your native language, it is available in Italian, Arabic, German, Swedish, Dutch, Finnish, Norwegian and Danish. You can change the language on the top right side of the screen on the main page from a small drop-down menu.

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Bitqt Withdrawals

This is one of the most important aspects to consider with any crypto bot. In comparison with some other services online, Bitqt has a better processing time. Most reviewers report a withdrawal time of about 24 hours. In comparison, many other services may take multiple days or a week to process requests.

You are not limited with your withdrawals. Bitqt has the view that your earnings belong to you completely and should be easy to access when you need money. This is why you can withdraw portions of your balance or the entire balance. For example, imagine that you do not want to risk losing your money during the bot’s next session. If you just had a big win, you may decide to withdraw it instead of leverage it. However, you may still want to leverage the portion of your money that you had before the big win. In this case, you would simply request to withdraw the amount that you won.

Bitqt Fees

According to Bitqt, there are no broker fees or hefty commissions. The bot is license-free, which also means that there are no registration or account maintenance fees. The site says that Bitqt maintains a 1% share of any profits, which means that it only holds a tiny portion of any profitable transactions. Some services charge a commission or fee per transaction, and that applies whether it is a profit or a loss. Bitqt’s different structure that eliminates hefty fees and commissions gets good reviews among people who are looking for honest crypto bot program designers.

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Bitqt Software

The software for this crypto bot gets good overall reviews. If you have participated in online trading before, you know that your ability to analyze financial markets is the key to success. Also, you must be able to understand the complexities of economic and other issues that affect them. However, most people lack the time to keep up with these bits of information. This is where the Bitqt crypto bot comes in. It is designed to scan market information, detect key pieces of data, sort data and turn data sets into useful information.

The designers of the software incorporated a powerful algorithm that meticulously analyzes multiple markets. By using its abilities, it can pinpoint the most profitable choices for you. Additionally, the software is designed to close trades, credit your account and do several other things automatically. For these reasons, we rate it highly. If you are an experienced trader, you may still enjoy this software for its usefulness in allowing you to test your own strategies.

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Pros of Bitqt

With Bitqt, the pros outweigh the cons. This is always a good sign for any crypto bot program. In most cases, competing companies have more cons than pros. These are the main pros for Bitqt.

Easy Contact

The site has a “contact us” link at the bottom of the main page. If you click it, you will be taken to another page where you submit your name, email address and a message. Most reviewers received responses within 24 hours.

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Good Support

Reviewers also liked that there were multiple contact options. The company that maintains the bot is located in the United Kingdom and is reachable by phone at 020 3733 1306. You can email the company directly at [email protected] Phone support is quickest during contact hours, and email responses are usually within 24 hours as well. Users also liked that the company handled issues well, and most people were able to resolve any issues with one phone call or written response. You can reach out to customer service 24/7.

Good Win Rate

While not all users reported having a 99% win rate, many agreed that the rate was closer to 90% than 80%. The win rate is also consistent. However, this is applicable if you let the robot do its job as intended. Since it is automatic, you must let the robot control all activity within your set rules.

Easy to Use

Reviewers like that the platform is designed to be easy enough for beginners and beneficial enough to be useful for seasoned traders. As mentioned before, experienced traders can use it to test their own strategies.

Free to Use

Since Bitqt only retains 1% of wins, the service is virtually free to use. You never have to pay for account registration, maintenance, withdrawal fees or transaction fees. The only time that you use money is when you make a deposit, and you have a good chance of winning back some of, all of or more than that.

Learn Valuable Skills

This is one of the reasons why people rate the crypto bot highly in their reviews. They said that they felt like they learned something valuable. Learning more about crypto trading can be beneficial if you want to branch out and try other services or other types of trading. This platform is designed to do the hard work for you. However, it is also designed to teach you about what it does along the way. The demo mode is also very useful for helping you get comfortable with the platform before you invest real money.

No Downloads Required

One reason why some reviewers like Bitqt is because it does not come with a downloadable software. It is a web-based program, which means that you use it 100% online. As long as you have an internet connection, you can access the Bitqt online software program.

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Cons of Bitqt

Every service has its disadvantages. For Bitqt, there are only two main disadvantages. Depending on your needs and preferences, there may be others for you. For example, if you like more control over your trades, this automatic crypto bot and many others will not be ideal for your needs. These are the disadvantages of this bot.

Loss Potential

With this bot and all bots, there is a potential for losses. Risk factors exist and cannot be avoided. If they turn out to not be in your favor, you may lose more than you expected. Be sure to understand the risks and potential losses. Also, keep in mind that an average win rate does not mean that you will always win that amount. For example, it does not mean that you are guaranteed to win nine out of 10 times. To learn more about risks, scroll to the bottom of the company’s website, click on the “risk disclaimer” link and read all of it.

No App

If you prefer to use an app for a crypto bot, this may not be the service for you. Some competitors offer mobile apps. However, some competitors also charge fees. The bot is easy to use on a desktop or laptop.


Is Bitqt a Reliable Service?

Yes, we have verified that Bitqt is a legitimate crypto bot. First, the company has been in business for well over a year. As mentioned before, most businesses that are not legitimate do not operate for such a length of time. It proved to generate profits, and it showed a good win rate that was fairly consistent with what the company claimed it was. Since it generated good profits, the outcomes supported the claims of the bot having scanning, sorting and strategizing abilities. If it did not have those abilities, it would not have such a high win rate. Keep in mind that a skilled human trader’s abilities yield about a 70% average win rate. For novice traders or others with fewer skills, the rate is lower. This is a good testament for Bitqt and its higher average win rate.

Some people reported profits that were as high as 100% in a trade. While not all trades will be this lucrative, the abilities of the bot seem to be powerful. This is assuming that you use the bot as instructed. Also, you must let it run for the proper amount of time to ensure that it has time to do its work during an ideal time frame. Based on other reviewers’ tests, the profits were attractive. For example, one new trader got nearly $1,400 from the minimum $250 deposit.

One of the reasons why this site appears in potential scam reviews is because it is free to use. However, the review sites conclude that it is legitimate. Also, several competitors offer crypto bots that are tied to legitimate services. Bitqt gets praise from independent reviewers because, instead of charging fees and commissions, it retains a very small percentage of profits. Some other no-fee companies that are also legitimate do not charge fees either. However, they usually retain a higher percentage of profits.

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‎What is BitQT App?

BITQT App is an auto trading platform for cryptocurrency. It is one of the foremost tech solutions that have evolved because the blockchain exists.
How secure is BitQT App?

We can confirm that the BitQT App platform is secure and free from cyber threats. Funds and user information have been encrypted.

Are there hidden fees with Bitcoin Trader?

Our fees are fully transparent. You can download a list of trading fees from the platform’s management dashboard.

Is BitQT a Scam?

we did research to find the information that proves the crypto trading platform is legit. 


Bitqt: The Final Verdict


Contrary to some online reports, Bitqt is not officially endorsed by any celebrities. However, it does comply with important regulations that protect consumers, and it is upfront and transparent about its risks and terms of use. You can view these on the main page of the website. Bitqt claims to be the top cryptocurrency bot trader in the financial industry. While it would be difficult for non-experts to test and prove this consistently, it certainly is one of the top contenders on the list.

If you are looking for a legitimate bot service that is free to use, this is a good choice. It is a good choice if you are a beginner or a seasoned trader who wants to boost your own strategies. Bitqt is also a good choice if you want to retain most of your profits. Since it has a quick and straightforward withdrawal policy as well, it gets an overall positive verdict from us.

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