Bitpreço launches “What's your Pizza Day story?” Campaign with bitcoin prizes

Charlie Taylor

Bitpreço, in partnership with Cointimes and the Criptomaniacos channel, has just launched the “Bitcoin Pizza Day” campaign to celebrate the first purchase of a product using bitcoin in history. On 05/22/2010 the first documented purchase using bitcoin was made and what was the item purchased? Two pizzas for 10 thousand bitcoins. Since then, the cryptocurrency community has been celebrating “Bitcoin Pizza Day.” According to Coingolive, these 10,000 bitcoins would today be worth exactly R $ 1,889,290,000.00. Thinking about this incredible appreciation of BTC, Bitpreço wants to know what was your “pizza day” moment, when you bought something with bitcoin and years or days later regretted it? Do you have any legal history involving bitcoin, be it good or bad, tell us that it can earn you good pizzas. There will be 3 winners with the best stories, with a total prize of R $ 1,000 in BTC.

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1st winner will receive R $ 500 in BTC2 ° winner will receive R $ 300 in BTC3 ° winner will receive R $ 200 in BTCOs prizes will be transferred to the BitPreço winner's account, which needs to be validated. Want to know more? Access Pizza Day Bitpreço and come celebrate with us.

How do I participate in the Pizza Day promotion?

Publish a story on Instagram, in photo, video or text, sharing your story with Bitcoin, be it good, funny or even sad, and mark @ BitPreço, @CoinTimes and @ Criptomaniacos.Want to know more about details? Check out the rest of the regulation: PARTICIPATION CRITERIA: a) Follow BitPreço's Instagram, CoinTimes and Criptomaníacos.b) Publish your story with Bitcoin on Instagram Story, which can be in video, photo or text.c) Mark @ BitPreço , @CoinTimes and @ Criptomaniacos.d) Your Instagram profile must be open for the duration of the Story for evaluation of the publication. e) Have a register with validated documents in BitPrice to transfer the award. live streaming on Instagram carried out by BitPreço, CoinTimes and Criptomaníacos, and later through the event's landing page and through the social networks of the organizers (instagram, facebook, twitter and / or youtube). 21 until 12 noon on 05/22/21 will be competing. The result will be released on 22/05/2022 at 19:00 in a live broadcast on Instagram from BitPreço, CoinTimes and Cryptomaniacs. WINNER NOTIFICATION FORM The result with the winners will be released in a live Instagram broadcast on the event's landing page. , on the social media of the companies involved and the winners will be communicated through the Instagram Direct. AWARD DELIVERY There will be 3 winners, with a total prize of R $ 1,000 in BTC. The prizes will be transferred to the BitPreço winner's account, which needs to be validated. GENERAL PROVISIONS) BitPreço, CoinTimes and Criptomaníacos will not be responsible for any losses that the participants may have, arising from situations that are beyond their control. For this purpose, the following situations are exemplified, but not limited to: For validations that are not carried out due to problems in data transmission on the server, in users' access providers or due to lack of electricity, without excluding other situations arising from unforeseeable circumstances or force majeure; for any participant's inability to use the internet and the BitPreço platform; for technological limitations of some models of computers / smartphones; for damage of any kind caused by accessing the website; loss of data, failures and information related to the use of the system by the participant, due to defects in his internet; the organizing companies may interrupt or extend and / or cancel the contest due to force majeure; B. This regulation may be changed by the filmmakers as many times as necessary, ensuring its effective dissemination; Any doubts, divergences or situations not provided for in this Regulation will be judged and decided in a sovereign and unappealable manner by the conducting companies.

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