Bitcoin rises again and altcoins fire again, check out the morning highlights

Charlie Taylor

Bitcoin (BTC) returns to its $ 1 trillion marketcap rising 3.89% this morning abroad, in Brazil the cryptocurrency rises 4.88%. Check out the morning highlights in the crypto and traditional market. Already in altcoins, the highlight once again goes to Cardano (ADA) with the announcement that the cryptocurrency could carry the main NFT projects. “It is easy to clone these protocols; it's easy to partner with them. In the NFTs alone, we approached several of the top 10 marketplaces and have already started discussions that focused on Cardano. Why, why not? It's an easy conversation, and it's just engineering resources. ” – said Charles Hoskinson, ADA's chief developer. Market value and appreciation of the main cryptocurrencies | Source: CoinGoLiveA XRP rises 15% with hopes that major brokers will list their token again, after having withdrawn due to legal risks related to the characteristics of the currency.

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The economic recovery in the United States remains strong and the Fed chairman has announced that the central bank would expect the economy to fully recover to withdraw monetary support. “Like a sparkling lamp, the tone of the market has somehow changed from anguish to optimism, spurred by the doubling of the US vaccine launch target and the end of the era of dividend cuts by the Fed,” wrote Nema Ramkhelawan-Bhana, strategist for the Rand Merchant Bank, Johannesburg, in a note. “It is remarkable how little it takes to change the mood.” The dollar has been gaining strength and the Brazilian currency has felt the impact, good for the price of bitcoin in Brazil, which, as we saw today, has risen above the world average.

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