‘Bitcoin rise is a token close to the valuation that this crypto should deliver from August 4th’ – altcoin shoots up 3.868% and may take off again with an event awaited by the market; take a batch

Charlie Taylor

It was quick but very profitable. O Bitcoin, which suffered fall after fall last month, has just touched the mark of the BRL 200,000 after 11% lightning discharge in just 24 hours. The movement, which was driven by news linked to the interests of Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos, has put a lot of money in the pockets of Bitcoin investors. 247% in just twelve months, tripling the money of those who managed to invest in the most famous digital currency in the world. But do you know what the most impressive thing about this whole story is? This is nothing compared to what some cryptocurrencies they are delivering to their investors right now and can continue to deliver going forward. Although many don't know it, crypto is much more than just Bitcoin. There are currently 8 classes of cryptoactives with 6,000 digital assets being traded 24 hours a day. Each of them representing such grand – and in some cases even greater – opportunities than those of Bitcoin itself.Indeed, the return of Bitcoin is 'little chip' compared to the profit delivered by some specific cryptoactives of some of these classes. As is the case of an off-radar digital asset belonging to the current “fever” class – DeFi (Decentralized Finance). Nor Google, Apple, Amazon, Tesla, Ethereum and even Bitcoin they were no match for the comeback delivered by the newest rising star of the cryptocurrency market. She left everyone behind by valuing incredible 3,868%.In order to have the dimension of valuation, this means that those who had the cryptoactive in their portfolio at the beginning of 2022 were able to multiply the money invested by more than 39 times in the same period that the Ibovespa oscillates negatively, fixed-income loses to inflation. crypto is still valued below its fair value. One of these people is the expert elected by Coin Telegraph as one of the 50 most influential cryptanalysts in Brazil, André Franco.

August 4th – the event that could change the cryptomarket forever

In the analyst's opinion, the event which is scheduled to take place on August 4th, will make the returns delivered by the crypt so far they seem small: “You'll only need one shot. This may be the biggest – and last – opportunity to make a fortune with a cryptoactive in 2022. The rise of bitcoin is a token close to what cryptocurrency is expected to deliver after the 4th. It is no exaggeration to say that anyone who anticipates can become a millionaire" – says the expert Franco is optimistic about the date due to the perceived similarities between the phenomenon that will happen on the day 04 it's the halving (update responsible for making Bitcoin deliver 8.432% profit and multiply 85 times in just one year). I'll explain more about him later. Before, it is important to know that, on August 2nd – before the phenomenon happens – in a 100% online and 100% free video, André will give the exact instructions so that his readers can anticipate and grab the biggest profits from this event, without taking unnecessary risks. In the analyst's opinion, there could not be a better time to accept the gift: I WANT TO RECEIVE A LOT OF CRYPTO CURRENCY THAT CAN TAKE OFF AFTER AUGUST 4

12 thousand reais became R$ 1,000,000 after this phenomenon; now it will repeat at an intensity 3 times greater

One of the main points that makes the analyst be confident with the crypto in question is the similarity that the andwind of the day 04 has with the Halving.Do you know what halving is? Halving, which is nothing more than the programmed update of the Bitcoin protocol that makes the amount of Bitcoin produced DROP BY HALF every 4 years. It takes place to control the inflation of the most famous cryptoactive in the world and to avoid the artificial fluctuation of digital currency prices. From the creation of bitcoin until now, all halving has been like this: Bitcoin production decreases and, consequently, a new cycle of appreciation begins, law of supply and demand. Look at the chart below: Chart, Line chart Automatically generated descriptionSource: mesari.io and Empiricus It demonstrates the trajectory of Bitcoin after the last two supply shocks. The first halving took place in November 2012. Result? Bitcoin valued +8,438% in the following 12 months. This means that in just 1 year: BRL 100 became BRL 8,538; BRL 1,000 became BRL 85,380; BRL 12,000 became BRL 1,000,000. Likewise, the second halving, which took place in July 2016, generated +2.875% valuation for Bitcoin until the next peak. But all that has passed, whoever managed to anticipate the halving of Bitcoin when it was still unknown had the chance to become a millionaire. The important thing now is that on August 4th a similar event will happen at 3 times the intensity, but with another cryptocurrency, much smaller than Bitcoin.Does that mean the same profits will be delivered? Or, on a 3 times larger scale? No. Past returns are not a guarantee of future returns. But, according to André, it is asymmetrically advantageous to be positioned in the right assets before events like this actually happen. You have a lot to gain and little to lose. Even more so if we take into account that Franco is going to give away a lot of the cryptocurrency that could benefit the most from the event. ‘You can get your feet wet in this very lucrative market by getting a batch of the cryptoactive in your account that you can trigger after the August 4th event’I WANT TO RECEIVE THE LOT OF CRYPTOCURRENCY THAT CAN REPEAT THE EXPONENTIAL PROFITS OF BITCOIN AFTER HALVING

The movement has already started and there are many people earning money

As much as this all sounds like small talk, whoever has the asset in their portfolio is already reaping the rewards of the event even before it happens. Because on the date I write this article, it is already going up 7%. In the last 5 days they are already 30% discharged.appreciationAccording to André, the trend is that the closer we get to the date, the more the asset in question appreciates, being able to make its biggest leaps on the 4th, and even after that date, as happened with Bitcoin after halving. to position now in the right assets before the date arrives is the same as having the invitation to the World Cup final before the date arrives. The closer we are, the more the ticket will be worth and the more profit you will have”I WANT TO RECEIVE THE LOT OF CRYPTOCURRENCY WHICH CAN REPEAT THE EXPONENTIAL PROFITS OF BITCOIN AFTER HALVING

Pick up a batch of cryptocurrency that can take off after the 4th of August

Timing here is crucial. Because it is a window of opportunity very small (and unique), set to happen in the coming weeks, you need to act now, with the right information in hand. Trust me, you don't want to miss any details of what it takes to get ahead to this event. In the end, we may be facing the biggest – and last – chance to make a fortune with a cryptoactive still in 2022.So if you missed the first appreciation leg from the newbie of the crypto universe, don't worry, because now you have another chance to invest in it and capture returns, who knows, similar – and you can do it in the best way. Because, as I said before, André will distribute lots of what he believes is the main beneficiary of the event, through a 100% online and free video which airs on August 2nd. To watch the video just register for free This page. You don't pay 1 cent to watch it.I WANT TO RECEIVE A LOT OF CRYPTO CURRENCY THAT CAN TAKE OFF AFTER THE 4TH OF AUGUST

‘Much to gain and little to lose’: why is André giving away the cryptocurrency?

You may not know it, but André was awarded by Coin Telegraph as one of the 50 most influential analysts in the country for two main reasons: The first one was the performance of his portfolio. It broke record after record in 2020 and 2022 to the point where its nominations served as a model for the country's most profitable crypto fund last year. Already are 1,700% of profit delivered. This means that, on average, every 100 reais invested in Franco's referrals today would be more than 1,800 reais. The second reason is due to the innovative initiatives that Franco has made and continues to make to popularize and develop the cryptomarket. As much as “giving” a batch of cryptocurrencies seems strange at first, this is extremely common for those who follow André's work. The analyst has already presented his voters with his big bets on three other opportunities. The first one was in 2019, when the analyst decided to give the Chainlink token utility to its subscribers. Since then, the cryptoactive has accumulated 3400% of valuation. That is, whoever invested the initial amount given by André has already obtained 35 times multiplication. Those who did not take advantage of André's first gift, but decided to accept the second, were also not left behind. For on 12/08/2020, Franco gave his readers a batch of AAVE. Since then, there have been over 826% of accumulated profit, a multiplication of more than 9 times. The most recent of them happened a few months ago, on April 12th. On that date Franco decided to give the crypto NFT Axie Infinity (AXS) gift to those who accompany you. The result since then has been truly transformative, as the AXS soared. It went from $7 to be quoted at 46 on the date I write this article. An appreciation of 467% in just 3 months. Multiplying the capital by 5 from those who accepted Franco's gift. But nothing compares with the transformational potential that Franco sees for this new opportunity: REGISTER FOR FREE TO RECEIVE A LOT OF CRYPTO CURRENCY THAT CAN TAKE OFF AFTER AUGUST 4

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