Bitcoin plummets to February high, but the worst may be yet to come

Charlie Taylor

So, the price of bitcoin has fallen to the same level as the historic high of February and is trading at forty-nine thousand dollars, if you do not know what is happening and have no idea if the price of btc will fall, read on. Exactly a year ago bitcoin was priced at $ 7,512.00, in February 2022 the price of the cryptocurrency hit $ 49,000 and many people came in particular to complain that they did not invest in bitcoin when the price was low. of bitcoin has dropped ~ 22% since its historic high at $ 64,805.00. First of all we need to understand why this happened. The reality is that nobody knows exactly, but we have some suspects:

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Can you fall any more? Yes, you can. Of course!

According to Bo Williams' analysis, bitcoin could fall below $ 40,000. In addition to the technical analysis indicating the possibility of a fall, we can see a huge drama with the proposal to increase taxes with capital gains. “The 43.4% capital gains tax can kill the goose that lays the golden eggs that is Silicon Valley / America. People need an incentive to build # long-term value starts. In California, this would represent a 56.4% tax burden. > 50% It means death for job creation. ”, Said investor Tim Draper. What will be the reaction of the markets if Biden's proposal becomes a reality? The worst is yet to come? For anyone who believes in the fundamentals of bitcoin and buys cryptocurrency as a long-term strategy, the recent cryptocurrency drop is just another buying opportunity. Whoever has invested just US $ 50 per month (around R $ 274) monthly since 2018 in bitcoin has seen their investment increase by more than + 554.15%graph of bitcoin accumulation over time Source: bitcoinhodler.ioTo buy bitcoin monthly there are some market solutions, among them the Coingoback Loop that accepts payments via credit / debit card, Mercado Pago and PIX. And if you are desperate about the price of bitcoin falling, then follow the tips from Binance's CEO described in the article “Binance's CEO gives a tip for people stressed by the fall of Bitcoin”.

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