Bitcoin Pharaoh Claims He Suffers from Racism: “In the US I Would Be the Cover of Forbes as a Successful Entrepreneur”

Charlie Taylor

Glaidson Acácio dos Santos, owner of GAS Consultoria, also known as the ‘Bitcoin Pharaoh’, accused the Federal Police of injury and aggression and stated that if he were in the United States he would be on the cover of Forbes or Time magazine. The accusations were made during a custody hearing in August last year, as shown in the video excerpt published by the G1 portal on Friday (13). According to the images, Glaidson refers to the approach of federal police officers that took place on August 25, 2021 during Operation Kryptos. “If we had blue eyes and were fair skinned, blond, I’m sure he wouldn’t call out, ‘You lost it, motherfucker,’” he said. Audios from the video suggest that the terms cited by him may have occurred, but the images do not show that he was assaulted, such as the “cascudo” he said he took to the head when he was arrested while still in bed. “The MPF [Ministério Público Federal] saw no crime when analyzing the report of the corpus delicti – carried out on the day of the arrest – or in the analysis of images from the prison”, highlighted the report. The police officers involved in the operation also denied the allegations, saying, according to the website, that “there was no abnormality during the action”. At the point about his high financial condition, the former waiter accused of financial pyramid risked a “paradox” between Brazil and the US. “I am a successful entrepreneur, (inaudible snippet). If I were in the States, I’d be on the cover of Forbes or Time. But, I’m in our country, which unfortunately has a lot of racism,” he said. For Glaidson’s defense, the MPF’s action goes against the procedural instrument that is the Custody Hearing, which serves precisely to assess the legality of the arrest, that is, the agency chose to denounce him as if the facts narrated by him had not occurred. Another point, said the lawyers, is that an action like this by the MPF can harm both the right of a prisoner and another, since those accused of crimes may fear reporting aggressions before a magistrate.

Operation Cryptos

In August 2021, the Federal Police launched Operation Kryptos, to investigate the millionaire fraud applied by Glaidson Acácio dos Santos through GAS Consultoria. The investment firm promised income that would supposedly come from trading cryptocurrencies. During the operation, authorities seized 591 bitcoins that were in Glaidson’s possession, dozens of luxury cars and more than R$13 million in cash. Since Glaidson was arrested, his defense has already sent several requests for Habeas Corpus to the Superior Court of Justice (STJ). All rulings, to date, have denied the requests, arguing that there is no illegality in his pretrial detention from Glaidson. Investigations proved that he planned to flee Brazil before his arrest and that, even after being arrested, he continued to operate the criminal system. Currently, the leader of GAS Consultoria is accused of money laundering, crimes against the National Financial System and participating in a criminal organization. Click here to watch the video.

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