to take white paper off the air, determines Justice of London

Charlie Taylor

tweeted he toying with the fact that Craig has never proven to have any of Satoshi's wallets. On the contrary, Wright has been publicly unmasked numerous times. On one occasion, Craig claimed to have a bitcoin address that the private key associated with him later signed a message that called it a fraud. Cryptographic evidence that Craig Wright lied, but the London Court doesn't understand the matter. As Cobra explained earlier, Satoshi Nakamoto has a known PGP public key, and therefore it is cryptographically possible for someone to verify himself as Satoshi Nakamoto. However, Craig has not been able to do this and continues to only practice legal bullying which actually harms the Bitcoin community.

White paper copyright

Faketoshi, as he's known to the cryptocurrency community, has made a splash again now that he's won a default trial in the UK against owner Cobra. Cointimes reported in January that Craig's claims made no sense, but Bitcoin Core developers still took the white paper down to avoid legal issues. In late January, Wright filed a lawsuit against already that Cobra did not lower his head. The real Satoshi Nakamoto left the white paper under license from MIT, which allows unrestricted use. The proceedings actually started, however, on February 24th through the Intellectual Property List of the Business and Property Courts of England and Wales. Following the filing of the copyright infringement case against and the operator of the Cobra website, the Crypto Open Patent Alliance (COPA) has filed civil suit in the UK against Wright's claims over the famous white paper. owns the copyright to the Bitcoin white paper,” the working group said at the time. After the COPA lawsuit, a representative of Craig Wright, Nchain's chief scientist wrote to News and said, “This is exactly what we've wanted to see happen for some time and I'm delighted that this agency agreed to stand in court as I can now have my credentials legally judged.” On June 28 and also updated the following day, an publication explains that Wright won a default judgment in London High Court against Cobra. The Chancellery Division High Court judge granted Wright's request, which includes: “An injunction prohibiting the Defendant from infringing Dr. Wright's copyright in the UK, either by making the White Paper available for download on the bitcoin website. org or otherwise.”“An order requiring the Defendant to publish a copy of the Court's order on for 6 months.”On Twitter, Cobra was warned that he could lose for technicalities and therefore should have some representation professional legal, but he said he could have his personal information leaked because of it. The website announcement details that Cobra preferred to “remain anonymous”. After the defeat in court, the pseudonym of the operator spoke about the decision and said it was the perfect example of why non-objectionable networks ​​and without permission like Bitcoin are required. “All of your trust assets are ultimately protected by the same legal system that today made it illegal for me to host the Bitcoin white paper because a notorious liar swore to a judge who is Satoshi” , tweeted Cobra. "A system where 'justice' depends on who has the biggest portfolio." Bitcoiner added:

“I don't think you could get a better ad of *why* Bitcoin is needed than what happened today. The rules enforced through encryption are far superior to rules based on who can spend hundreds of thousands of dollars in court.”

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