Bitcoin Market to List Polygon and six other Ethereum Network cryptocurrencies

Charlie Taylor

The Brazilian exchange Mercado Bitcoin announced this Friday (20) that it will list seven new cryptocurrencies on its trading platform. The cryptoactives will be available at the brokerage from Wednesday (25), according to a press release. They are: Wrapped Bitcoin (WTC); Polygon (MATIC); SushiSwap (SUSHI); OMG Network (OMG); Band Protocol (BAND); Ankr Network (ANKR); and Bancor (BNT). All cryptocurrencies were created on the Ethereum ERC-20 standard and most are based on decentralized finance (DeFi) projects. “There is no better investment strategy than diversification. This August package, which is aimed at the Ethereum network, has some cryptocurrencies that bring intelligent solutions to this environment and that have been attracting more and more investors”, said Bruno Milanello, new business executive at 2TM, the holding company. Bitcoin Market. The exchange explained that it will continue to look for new assets to include on the platform. By early August, the company had already listed eight fan tokens — digital assets linked to sports groups. As of next week's listing, the broker's trading platform will have 36 digital currencies and 17 fan tokens.

The new cryptocurrencies

One of the most promising cryptocurrencies on the new listing is Polygon (MATIC). Accumulating a gain of 8,570% in the year, MATIC is the third token that appreciated the most in 2022, only behind Axie Infinity (AXS) and Telcoin (TEL). The good price performance is due to the fact that Polygon has become the target of a number of DeFi projects looking for a fast and inexpensive network to implement their solutions and escape the congestion of Ethereum. With a market value of $9.9 billion, MATIC holds the 18th position in the ranking of the most valuable cryptoactives in the industry, according to CoinMarketCap. Close behind in 19th place is Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC), a bitcoin-backed synthetic asset that allows the currency to be traded on the Ethereum network. Currently, around 1.3% of all bitcoin on the market is locked into the Ethereum ecosystem in the form of synthetic assets. WBTC is the most popular among them and represents 78% of all bitcoin moved in the DeFi medium. In the note, the Bitcoin Market gave more details about the other five cryptocurrencies that will be listed next Wednesday: SushiSwap (SUSHI): SUSHI, created about a year ago, is SushiSwap's cryptocurrency, a decentralized exchange of cryptoactives. With the token, it is possible to perform operations within the platform. OMG Network (OMG): It is a cryptocurrency that follows MATIC's line of making Ethereum more scalable. The platform solves the problem of Ethereum's sluggishness, allowing thousands of transactions per second, which also lowers the cost to operate within the network.Band Protocol (BAND): It's an Oracle platform that bridges the Ethereum blockchain and data outside that network. Ankr Network (ANKR): The cryptocurrency gives access to functionality of the Ankr Network, such as staking, which allows voting on projects, or API services, which are used to connect two programs. ANKR even allows you to participate in the governance of the network. Bank (BNT): It is another project linked to decentralized exchanges that allows exchanges of cryptocurrencies without intermediaries.

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