Bitcoin market changes brand and reorganizes business structure

Charlie Taylor

Bitcoin Market will change brands. From June 10th, the company founded in 2013 officially assumes the nickname MB. The new brand is accompanied by a restructuring of businesses that belong to 2TM, the company’s parent company. The objective, according to the broker, is to improve customer experience, unifying and facilitating access to new technology solutions and products. “Using our nickname MB as a brand is something that brings more intimacy and better connects our customer”, says Reinaldo Rabelo, CEO of Mercado Bitcoin. According to the executive, the restructuring of the business units – which now also use the MB prefix, accompanied by the area of ​​operation – makes it simpler to perceive that the group offers other services in addition to crypto assets – crowdfunding and tokenization, for example – with the same level of security and governance as the trading platform. “We will have in one place a diversified menu of products and services to meet different profiles, in a personalized way, following our mission of being the instrument of the new digital economy”, reinforces Rabelo. It’s the same line taken by Robson Harada, Chief Marketing and Growth Officer. “We understand that the old brand was aligned with the context of 2013. We needed a facelift for the current moment”, he says. This moment, according to him, is the transition from a holding company to a multi-product company. “We are a one stop shop for the crypto market”. According to the executives, the change has nothing to do with the so-called crypto winter, as the period of crisis in the price of cryptocurrencies has been known, with rising interest rates and the implosion of the Earth ecosystem. “It was a previous plan. Winters like this are cyclical, eventually ending without warning. We have to prepare ourselves to take advantage of the moment when the market grows again”, says Rabelo.

Reinaldo Rabelo, CEO of Mercado Bitcoin


Among the changes in the group’s business are the areas specialized in serving institutional clients or clients with a large volume of business, which are now called MB One and MB Private. MB One will be an exclusive service channel aimed at customers looking for a more personalized relationship with the company, in addition to the digital platform. MB Private, on the other hand, focuses on clients with highly complex demands or large allocated volumes. “We provide solutions and products related to crypto-assets, backed tokens, financial planning, wealth management, traditional assets, insurance and pension plans”, says Rabelo. Clients with a more active profile, who seek short-term results based on market volatility, will be served by MB Traders, which will have a team of financial market specialists. With this service, the first crypto-exclusive Trade Room in Brazil also arrives, which will produce daily reports with complete analysis. The units until then known as MBDA and Clearbook are now part of MB Tokens, focused on the tokenization of real assets and equity crowdfunding. The main mission is to offer a portfolio of backed tokens, with high liquidity, low volatility, reduced risk and high return. The asset management intelligence company ParMais, acquired by the 2TM group, will be renamed MB Assets. In addition to personalized asset analysis, asset management and planning, the company also gains new products, such as digital fixed income. The company remains under the management of its founders Annalisa Blando and Alexandre Amorim. Customers of the group’s partner companies now have access to MB Cloud, a crypto-as-a-service, being able to offer hold, buy and sell crypto assets to their customers in their apps and platforms.

less friction

In the view of the Bitcoin Market CEO, for the traditional individual customer, the main change will be felt in the offer of tools such as BIO Financeira, which offers financial planning based on a general analysis of the customer’s moment. “The repositioning makes it clear that it’s all MB, that we’re not handing over customer data to a third party. By grouping all services within the brand, we reduce friction”, analyzes Rabelo. Looking to the future, the executive says that having a single brand for all units will also help in the process of international expansion of the company, which has an exchange in Portugal and projects in Latin America. In terms of sectors, Rabelo says he sees growth potential for the group in particular in providing blockchain and crypto infrastructure for companies. “There are a lot of companies looking to provide access to the crypto economy for their customers without necessarily becoming the providers of this activity themselves.”

Victory for those who arrive first

The communication concept of MB as a company also changes. For example, the current slogan comes out, comes to the new digital economy, and the new one comes in: Whoever arrives first, wins. “In addition to embracing our entire ecosystem and simplifying the brand architecture, with this rebranding we wanted to raise people’s attention to the fact that to be a winner you have to start. And soon,” explains Harada. “We arrived earlier, we were the first exchange in Latin America, the first to tokenize assets. We want to encourage our customers to arrive early as well to thrive.” The new communication campaign brings content packed in a light language, with emojis, simple and flexible to transit through different channels. “The mood of the pieces will bring more diversity in the images, more Web3, more 3D and even sound design for platforms with audio resources”, says the executive.

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